How We Move Affects Our Health

How we move affects our health. How we move…

It affects every aspect of our lives.

Find freedom in our movement, and our awareness increases. Our breath moves better, and nourishes us more. Our thoughts sharpen. Our decisions become more conscious, and better, more consistent and connected choices will ensue. Our internal organs will function better and our health will improve.

It’s a circle. A wonderful, positive full circle…

My work as a holistic physiotherapist has enabled me to see and understand where you move or where you don’t move. I’m able to help you to create change to find easier, more comfortable, and more free, flowing and vital movement.

And because I love running and moving with optimal freedom, I love nothing more than for you to translate this into your running as well as your day-to-day, and to experience profoundly powerful connection out of it all!

I create tools for running and living in a sustainable, pain-free and naturally healthy way.

Living Green Health is about making the connections between various, varied aspects of our lives, and helping us all to join the dots and live a more powerfully and deeply connected life, naturally…(and with a fine dose of humour along the way! : )

I don’t know about you, but I want a vibrant, healthy passage through this time here. And I like to inject some thoughtful enquiry and a soupcon of fun into the things that I make, and the work that I do. Because what’s the point of not enjoying it? It makes the difficult stuff easier too.

Take a look under the What We Do section and check out the Online Movement Analysis sessions and the Accessing Running Magic course to find out how you can access this freedom and apply it directly to your running. Or join us at our physical Green Health Events if you’re in the vicinity – we’d love to see you there!

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Welcome to Living Green Health – we’re delighted that you’re here!

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Run Breathe Live Green

This Simple Trick To Transform Your Run

Running offers us the ultimate opportunity to find connection – with our body, with our running chums…with the earth and nature, with the changing seasons and sometimes with the tumultuous weather!

The freedom and motion can help us work through the trials and tribulations of life, allowing us to shift our tensions. Running empowers us to overcome our hurdles (although it can create just as many at times!).

And it asks more and more of ourselves in a time, space and place where we didn’t know more could be found…

Running is a way to transform our life. But sometimes we need to transform our running…

Click here for This Simple Trick To Transform Your Run

The Road To Becoming A Better Runner

‘How can running be good for me when I’m always getting injured?!’ A line uttered by so many runners…

There’s a common connection that binds all us all, which, when we understand and overcome it, will make us a better runner.

Join Dawn Meredith-Davies in her ebook, unravelling over 10 years of clinical time studying running from a movement and holistic physiotherapy perspective, on The Road To Becoming A Better Runner: How To Change Injuries Into Your Best Running Champion

It’s not quite what you might expect…



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21 Days To Fully Immerse Yourself

Ready to powerfully shift your running from the inside out?

21 days, 21 whole-person practices to optimise your running, support your breathing, stretch and strengthen your body plus help you positively play the mental game.

Enrolment opens 5th May; the Immersion starts 19th May


And give your running body a spring boost!

Essential Guide To PhysioYoga

Physiotherapy gems…on your mat!

Create freedom and movement in your running and during your day to day, to enhance your mobility, strength and all-round health.

Your Essential Guide To PhysioYoga video is in production!

Click the picture to find out what to expect…

What We Do

Online Movement Analysis

Run more efficiently and effectively, break the injury cycle and find freedom…

Meredith-Davies Physiotherapy

A holistic physiotherapy approach to achieve powerful, lasting, natural health.   “I…

Accessing Running Magic

Find your potential in your running, in a fun and positively impactful…

Green Health Events

Activities you'll love in the great big, green outdoors, Green Health Events…

The Flowing Core PhysioYoga

Combining in-depth physiotherapy knowledge with the power of yoga and the breath,…

Essential Downloads

Reading and writing - two of life's little pleasures - add in…


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Accessing Running Magic

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They have been quite different from other physiotherapy sessions I have had, in a very positive way. (more…)

Holistic Physiotherapy

Dawn’s positive attitude and energy is infectious.

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PhysioYoga Classes

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Movement Analysis Sessions

What an amazing day today, I am still so happy after such an amazing run in the beautiful Suffolk countryside.

You and the team have done an amazing job (more…)

Farmhouse Five 2017

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