A different perspective

Depression is disconnect. From a whole lot of things. From nourishing, wholesome, real and living, fresh food. From exercise, from moving and stretching and freeing our tension, and from deep replenishing sleep. It’s a disconnect from nature, from nurturing community and it’s a disconnect from expressing our needs (and then seeking self-empowering ways to meet them).

On a physical level, depression is a combination of all of these things.

It’s also a disconnect from releasing and realising our deepest, underlying, driving purpose.

Depression is all of these things, and yet ultimately, it’s a disconnect from the heart.

A disconnect from our truest, deepest nature, which is love.

When we’re guided by love, we act in different ways. When we truly allow ourselves to be guided by love, we make sure that we’re meeting our needs!

Being guided by love means acting in just simple, kind, loving ways toward ourselves (yes, to others, but firstly, and most urgently, toward ourselves).

Deep love directed at self ensures that we move, exercise, eat well and sleep well, and deep self-directed love means that we face the difficult stuff…to bring it to the surface (from its hiding place underneath all of the superfluous stuff…) in order to feel it. To work through it, to overcome it, and in order that we can be free from it.

From them…

The old stories, the painful memories, the shame, the tired patterns, the habitual, destructive thinking…

Because when they’re no longer there…we’re free to get on and use our talents and stop holding ourselves back.

And yet, we have to create a change in order to create a change. And sometimes – almost always – we need help to go through the process.

(And anti-depressants aren’t the change by the way…the change comes from being witnessed – from being guided by a witness to our healing. Not just to more drugs.)

Deep love turned inwards is not selfish, but self-full. In fact, depression’s message is that self-love is imperative.

When it shows itself it says, ‘these are the sticking points, and they’re really sticky…’

But it also says, ‘you don’t need to be stuck any longer… There is a lighter, brighter place. But you are going to have to face this dark stuff head-on to overcome it.

To invest some time to explore what the shadows are, where they are, perhaps why they are, in order to overcome them. In order that we may rise out of this space and into a lighter one.

One where we can share our love, purposefully, wholly.’

An empty well serves no one

Our dark doesn’t need more pandering, more wallowing in it. Yes, it needs more awareness around it, but it doesn’t need more and more labels, nor more and more cushioning around it.

It needs attention to it, and work to be done through it. It needs each of us to take responsibility for ourselves, and to rise up to overcome our own hurdles. Yes, with support, and yes, with compassion from others and towards ourselves.

But we’re serving no-one unless we heal ourselves.

We have to heal our deep dark wounds first before we’re able to help others; to give to ourselves…

We have to mend our pain and fill ourselves up with love first, so that it can overflow from us thereafter.

An empty well serves no one.

We have to heal ourselves before we will, collectively, be able to fully heal the planet.

Shining from the inside out

Depression is a call to heal. Depression is a stark sign that something is out of alignment in ourselves; it’s a sign that we’ve forgotten our true nature.

Depression is simply a sign not that we’ve lost our way on our journey (we’re always where we’re supposed to be), but that we need to seek a different path, a more powerful, fully connected path. Bleak as it is, depression is simply a sign. Think of it as a good place to be (because a world of powerful potential lies ahead!)!

Depression is rife in our society because we have become side-tracked in the meaningless of the material and we’ve isolated ourselves from the powerful collective knowing which can guide us out of our own darkness and back to our true nature – of light. Of love.

The rise of depression is a simply a message that we’ve lost our connection to the inner understanding that we have the power within us to transcend the difficult stuff, to be guided along a different path toward the good stuff, so that we may reach the deeper truth about ourselves.

So that our light may shine from the inside out.

Because it can, for each of us…but only if we allow it to shine.

Depression has come to the forefront so markedly right now and it’s crippling! For a reason – to get us to stop! And to get us to change tack…!

Because together we’re ready to let go of our pain. Whether we’re aware of it or not, it’s no longer serving us. Or anyone.

We’re on the brink of truly, collectively, overcoming our hurdles and letting the light shine through. And wouldn’t that be a powerful place…? If each of us were seated in our highest power…?

The thing that’s stopping you today is the thing that needs your attention today.

Depression is disconnect from all of this. But re-connecting to ourselves and to love, is everyone’s birth right, everyone’s ultimate option. Should they choose it…

Depression is an opportunity for change, for a different way.

No one is suggesting that it’s easy – and certainly not the first few steps – but a lighter, brighter way is available for everyone.

The tough stuff is tough.

And we all have to go into the darkness to find out where the light really lives…because life’s like that – full of contrasts.

The key to overcoming our depression is in re-connection to our light. And isn’t it time to make the world a brighter place?


If you know anyone who needs a different perspective on their depression right now, please do share…

With love