A hundred years

The landscape for women is going to look very different in a hundred years time.

Flatlands to futuristic cities

I recently happened to see a series of photos from various of the Gulf states, taken between the start of the Twentieth Century to today.

The changes were startling! From huge open desert plains & Bedouin villages…to expansive, futuristic cities which continue to expand and expand and expand in every direction.

Truly unrecognizable spaces. Extraordinary, and breath-taking changes in many respects… and built, fundamentally, by men. Literally, and arguably, metaphorically too.

The changes were particularly interesting to me as I currently live in this region, & we’ve literally watched the scenery change even in our short time here! In addition, I’ve often lamented how recently the land was untouched…(& how now it is increasingly becoming covered in concrete).

So to see these old photos was fascinating. And it struck me that our landscape is going to change again in the next hundred years.

And equally dramatically, I predict.

The landscape on women’s terms

Although I’m not referring to the physical landscape. (No doubt the explosion of urbanisation will continue…as egos will continue to build higher & higher still. The boundaries of what is possible will continue to be surpassed…)

What I’m really talking about, is the space that women will command in a hundred years will be radically different.

The tides are already powerfully turning. You can feel it, can’t you…and particularly in the months of last year and then into this. Aspects of life that will no longer be tolerated, behaviours that are no longer acceptable and perpetrators being brought to account for their actions.

Bringing awareness to the fore.

Acknowledgement of the wrong that’s been done.

Admission on the part of those responsible.

These are the first steps in creating healing for the collective – so that a line can be drawn in the sand, from which we start to, purposefully, move forward.

Coming together, or working separately, the collective voice is gaining strength…redefining the future.

We’re shaping the way we want our environment to be, the policies that we want in place, as well as the pay that we receive. We’re changing the work environment and the way that work works. We’re creating the space where equality means being treated the same, not being the same.

Now granted, I don’t have such a rose-tinted view that in a hundred years all woes will have been resolved in the world…let’s face it there’s currently a huge disparity in the circumstances for women (& men) all around the world.

And although I’m not necessarily suggesting that all women everywhere will see ultimate empowerment, yet I hope so…I firmly believe that the shift will be widespread.

The question really is, how do we get there?

With even more awareness, acknowledgement, calling to and bringing to account.

And then we need to move on. We need to start telling a different story of ourselves.

To do so, we have to let go of the old story. Yes, we have to heal where we need to heal first. Yes, yes, yes we most definitely need to do that, and then we have to get on with creating a new version of today.

Every day.

Every day stepping into a bigger version of ourselves. Be that a more daring, more brave, more open & vulnerable, more bold, more adamant to stand up & speak up version of ourselves. A version that’s more prepared to validate ourselves.

Letting go of the old story is imperative though. Otherwise we keep reliving the same old… attached to the same old. We can’t move forward if we’re tied to the past.

This is all of us – it’s me, and maybe it’s you too?

A different tale

And when we all start doing that, collectively we write a different tale of ourselves.

So that we surpass the boundaries of what is possible and we get on with writing the future that looks radically different from today. Whatever the architecture around us looks like…

I mean, look at what’s already happened in the last 100 years for us ladies.

Happy International Women’s Day everyone.