Living Green Health

Living Green Health is about the improvements we want to see in our movement and in our health. It’s about powerfully facilitating each of us to connect to our most vibrant experience.

With natural and empowering means, Living Green Health is a concept to keep growing with.


What We Aim To Do

Provide products with actionable tools which increase awareness and promote sustainable, ever-renewable, natural means to enhancing your running, moving and health experience.

We aim to be as socially and environmentally conscious as possible. We work in-person as well as online, and our online products and services are available to interact with or to download in order to minimise waste and superfluous use of material resources.

We like to challenge the status quo, gently but progressively. Be that with our running and movement, or with our relationship with our health. We see that there are conscious conversations worth having which will empower all of us to generate positive shifts in our lives.

And through all of the above, we aim to offer thoughtful support and value for money….together with as much light-hearted fun as we can muster!


Dawn Meredith-Davies

As a holistic physiotherapist and yoga teacher, I’ve spent a lifetime incorporating observations about the body and being, movement and natural health into my professional practice and into my life.

Having practiced yoga for nearly 20 years, I combine this with hands-on treatment, as well as analysis of movement patterns, acupuncture, nutrition and the power of the breath into my clinical work.

I’ve been a runner forever!  And I’ve spent years practically combining my knowledge of movement, running and injury prevention…with a spot of trial and improvement of my methods along the way!

In bringing together physiotherapy, running and yoga and delving into the whole-person wellness models such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda – I’ve asked lots of questions about my own life, made myriad observations clinically, read extensively and consequently I have assimilated a plethora of information and consolidated it into my thoughts and ideas.

My aim is to deliver these concepts to those who are seeking answers in their lives in order to live in harmony with their natural rhythms, those seated in nature and in connection to the natural world.

I write all the time. And on all of the interconnected matters around the topics of health, healing, and movement. Hopefully this comes to you in an informative, yet accessible (and at least mildly amusing) way.

I’ve developed various workshops to further deliver this accumulated knowledge to help others explore and realise their potential…be that in running, movement or in health.


The Invitation

You are warmly invited to engage with the enquiry about how we live our lives. Living Green Health is an invitation to question the whys and wherefores, to see some impactful changes in your lives, and it hopefully does so in a lighthearted, and heartful way…