Dawn Meredith-Davies

Having practiced physiotherapy holistically for well over a decade, I offer a unique combination of a depth of knowledge about the interconnected physical system together with a deeply-seated yoga and breathwork practice spanning 20 plus years, and many years of teaching.

In addition, I draw on an in-depth knowledge of the holistic models of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (specifically from acupuncture and the 5 elements), as well as many years of study and application of psychology and energetics, and natural means of bringing about health.

Having been a runner forever, I have honed a specialism for movement analysis and in particular movement patterns in running. This has developed from my own training and racing (as well as numerous podium positions!), having transitioned to minimalist running several years ago and assimilating it all with my acquired clinical knowledge. I’ve created tools to support you to run sustainably and in a healthy, pain-free, yet progressive way – no matter what distance or which footwear you prefer!

I bring all of these together to provide a deep comprehension of the integration of the body with the mental and emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives. Accessing a highly intuitive approach, I am always guided to selectively apply aspects from the interconnectedness of our wonderful and varied energetic lives to best facilitating your healing.

Ultimately, the circumstances of your unique journey informs the unique interaction between us.

I offer practical, down to earth and yet insightful and meaningful practices – in ‘physio’ speak, these might be called ‘exercises’, but they will much more layered and varied than ‘just’ giving you physical exercises – and we will incorporate these with our navigation through the discomfort and back into ease & flow.

In running terms, this means facilitating your journey to discover how to make your running more efficient, more effective and in the process delivering more powerful performance and inherently injury-free.

I aim to bring the tenets of sustainable living and a deep respect for the natural processes of the planet into my life and into my practice. I aim to offer empowering practices to those with whom I work, so that we might all be called to unfold our greatest gifts together.

If working holistically in this way speaks to you and lights you up – either to powerfully recover from an injury or pain, or to work on your running – then please do get in touch to make an appointment. 

If you’re also interested to explore some of these holistic topics, please feel free to have a browse through the blog.  I write all of the time – sometimes to make sense of things for myself, sometimes to share…


Just A Few More Words

I hold your capacity for healing and your journey in reverence.

Given the right conditions, the body (and mind) will heal itself.

We all have painful experiences…the greatest service we can offer ourselves is to create the right conditions to heal from the pain.

Putting our trust in someone to help guide this healing requires consideration. It also requires a deep commitment from both parts.

I honour your commitment, I am wholly grateful that you put your trust in me to witness your journey – I do not underestimate this level of trust and I offer my full commitment in return.

I very much look forward to working with you.


In gratitude



About Living Green Health

 Living Green Health has always been an idea. It encapsulates how I feel about our journey here – that we can all create vibrant, electric health by living in harmony with nature and the natural cycles that show themselves all around us. We only have to engage with them…

Essentially speaking, Living Green Health is about facilitating the improvements that we wish to see in our lives – whether that’s in our movement, or running, and our overall health. By being guided to connect to the infinite wisdom and capacity in our bodies, I firmly believe that we can all carve a path where we have the most vibrant, empowering experience.

What LGH Aims To Do

It is my intention to provide services and products with actionable tools which increase awareness and promote sustainable, ever-renewable, and natural means to enhance your running, movement and health experience.

The aim is to be as socially and environmentally conscious as possible. Working in-person as well as online, all online products and services are available to interact with or to download in order to minimise waste and superfluous use of material resources.

I believe in gently, but progressively, challenging the status quo! There are conscious conversations which are very much worth having, and which will empower all of us to generate positive shifts in our lives.

And throughout all of the above, the intention is to offer thoughtful support and exceptionally present engagement…together with as much light-heartedness as possible! It just makes the difficult stuff a little lighter…

Welcome, once again.