Access Your Running Magic!

Accessing Running Magic is a 5-week course

to help you liberate more from your running!

“Makes such a difference to how you feel when you run, with immediate effect!”

The weekly sessions will cover –

  • How to run with optimal movement patterns. These are beneficial ways of moving not only to improving form and therefore performance, but also to reduce the risk of injury.
  • How to translate these into more powerful running, helping you to reach your goals, and do so without pushing harder and harder!
  • A wealth of physiotherapy-based tools to specifically support the running technique and to keep you mobile (outside of running too!), plus myriad tactics to keep you motivated to keep running as well as essential racing gems!

With the main aim being for you to enjoy discovering different and beneficial ways to move and to have some fun exploring and playing around with the exercises!


As a small group, each week we will look at a different part of our running, in order to piece it all together, including –

  • Individual video analysis of your running from the start to the finish of the course.
  • How our upper body and our lower body are operating when we run (and what they could be doing!), and the bit in the middle – our core!
  • As well as looking at our breathing, how we can optimise our warm up and our cool down, specific stretches and maintenance to help you get more out of your running.
  • Plus specifics around hydration and nutrition, as well as running around your cycle and getting the most out of our running for long-term health benefits…

Between each session, you have the opportunity to try out some of the week’s lessons, exercises and stretches, to build on the previous week’s work and to watch the effects in your running!


Here’s what some have reflected back following the sessions

“Thank you so much for the wonderful session! It’s really helpful for me…I have become more aware of my body especially breathing, stretching and my overall running form. I thoroughly enjoyed the course – it was informative, concise and very helpful – so thanks again!” MC, Japanese


“I did Dawn’s sessions…and took a minute off my 5k time that week! I know what a difference it can make. I now realise how much I shuffled before doing these sessions, with very short strides, and I can’t believe the difference…it has made to my stride length, and I feel like I’m flying! It’s great!” JH, British


“Just wanted to say WOW !! I’ve found the magic! I’m just back from a little run… putting into play all of what I learnt and it has made an incredible difference already! My pace was sooo much quicker, quite incredible… True testimony of your fantastic workshop and coaching. Thank you so much once again!” LC, British


The course is ideal for…

Runners who wish to improve their running experience…

…whether that means getting stronger and faster, or whether it means knowing how to best help your body to avoid getting injured, or whether that means having more fun from your running (!) and staying motivated, then these workshops will help you meet these objectives!

Whether you’re getting to grips with C25K or whether you’re aiming to improve your time over half marathon, or marathon distance – if you want to learn how to optimise your running and learn what your body can do…then you will be ideally suited to Access your Running Magic!


Dates and times and location

The 5-week Accessing Running Magic course starts on Monday 20th April and runs until 18th May. (Love a pun! : )


NB. This course will be rearranged when we’re all able to get-together again. In the meantime stay safe, and Stay Connected so that we can let you know when Accessing Running Magic is up and running again!

If you need to keep your running body in shape in the meantime, join us for Live Online Yoga Classes with Dawn. Find out more here…


The sessions will start at 6.30pm and finish between 7.45 and 8pm (depending how much chat there is at the end ; ) and will be held in Al Hail.

The cost for the course will be 60 OMR payable in advance.


A little bit more about Dawn

As a physiotherapist who has been running forever, Dawn Meredith-Davies MSc has spent the last 10 years honing her specialism in running movement analysis skills, her knowledge of the biomechanics of natural running as well as her intuitive understanding of runners’ individual movement patterns, and ways to positively influence them.

Dawn has developed the Accessing Running Magic workshops to combine these skills together with her physiotherapy and yoga experience having understood how much scope there is to help other runners reach their potential.

She has also spent a tremendous amount of time successfully trying this out in her own running!

As well as starting the Living Green Health website, she is founder of the independent physiotherapy practice Meredith-Davies Physiotherapy.

You can see more at or @livinggreenhealth on Instagram!


Accessing Running Magic is lots of fun, you’ll learn so much, you will find power that you didn’t know was in you…and consequently you’ll definitely access your running magic! : )


To book please contact Dawn at


Here are a few more lovely words about the Accessing Running Magic workshops

“Brilliant workshop – definitely recommend!”

“Excellent course. Dawn is incredibly knowledgeable and imparts her knowledge in a clear & easy to understand & digest format. Can’t wait to put my new learnt techniques into action.”

“I’m really grateful to you for such an inspiring workshop!!”

“Extremely enjoyable and useful. It covered more than I was expecting. Inspirational.”