Avenues for luck

We have a phrase in our household which is ‘increase your avenues for luck’.

Luck, in this instance is to be understood as doing as much of the groundwork as possible and then allowing the desired situation to unfold… (or, put in a more metaphysically way – luck comes to us when we set up the intention, work towards what we want and then release our attachment to it…)

So increasing your avenues for luck to flow really refers to spreading your chances for success*, to whichever field you wish to apply the concept. Or not putting all of your eggs in one basket.

* Success really meaning…however you decide to define it really.

Farmers use this idea when they look to ‘diversify’ their potential streams for income, and in this business-sense, you might say that Richard Branson has gone to town with this idea for increasing his avenues for luck!?

But let’s take running as our concept here. Oh go on then, why not?! And success? Well, let’s maybe call that remaining injury-free…

Diversifying your avenues for success

How are you increasing your avenues for luck – your avenues for success – in your running life?

Are you shaking things up with different distances, and speeds and terrains? Are you switching between different pairs of running shoes throughout the week? (And maybe taking them off completely on some occasions?!) Are you having rest days during the week, and rest periods during the year?

In a nutshell, are you adding variability into your exercise?

Are you cross-training? (This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be working towards triathlon, by the way…!)

Are you laying good foundations from which to optimise your body’s potential? And building every day on yesterday’s efforts, yesterday’s building blocks?

Are you moving in different ways? Are you asking your body to spread its load between different muscles sets so they don’t become the only way that you know how to move…?

Go cycling if you will, swimming’s phenomenal, but best of all (some might say, and because it induces avenues for success in so many different ways) are you getting to yoga?!

Ah yoga. Ask your body to move in ways that it really doesn’t usually do, and it (and your running) will thank you for it…

Increase your flexibility, and your mobility and your tissue length and your internal strength…and with it enable more efficient, more effective movement patterns in your running.

Go to Pilates if you wish, of course! And this will have a positive impact on your core strength, just make sure that there is a whole load of moving with the core and not just bracing and locking down movement… If you look at all of the core-crunching work that Joseph Pilates did, it didn’t enable him to become the most fluid looking runner (if you watch the youtube footage…)!

Yoga, not only will your physical avenues for success be opened, but you might just find it easier to tap into your mental avenues for success too.

Feeding your avenues of success 

Yoga offers so many channels for feeding your avenues of success with your running. This is how yoga offers its fuel – this is what yoga is about…and what it’s not about:

It’s about releasing not pushing.

Letting go, not fighting.

Improvement, not competition.

It’s about the breath not the mind.

Inner strength rather than muscular strain.

It’s about becoming long and strong, not remaining tight and short.

Flexibility not rigidity.

It’s about connection and awareness, and it’s about stillness and being rather than busy and doing.

It’s about balance.

It’s about who you are right now, and not needing to be someone else.

It’s about controlling what is within our control, and not holding onto what isn’t.

And it’s about practice and commitment and being the best that you can be in just that moment.

(Oh and it’s also about the postures and the movement!)


Are you cross-training on the mat?!