Complex Layers

There are so many layers of complexity to this situation, aren’t there?

There seem to be two fundamental questions that are being asked – what emotions are coming up to be processed, and what kind of world do we want to create on the other side of this.

Not insubstantial questions, neither have easy resolutions and both require us to be active participants in exploring and reaching towards some solutions…

Maybe it’s asking us to let go of some things, or to step up into a different aspect of ourselves. Maybe we’re being stretched in more ways than one and perhaps we’re not even inclined to get on a yoga mat!

Or perhaps even all of these things.

Maybe we’re meeting our vulnerable side, or our slovenly side (!?), or perhaps we’ve seen a focussed and disciplined side of our personality unleashed. Or maybe we’ve relaxed a little and stopped being so hard on ourselves, and perhaps this is a very good thing too…

Whatever format your confinement has taken there are mental and emotional aspects that are being testing – and we’re all having our individual experiences as well as swathes of collective commonality. All of which are infinitely complex, but also probably crystal clear – we need to live in a world where we’re supported and that we mutually support.

Deep solutions will come from this, in time; they’re already being conceived and unfolding.

Roll on deeply connected times after our separation.

(Ooh, that’s a nice parallel… Perhaps we are deeply shifting into a time when we no longer perceive ourselves as separated – when in fact, we actually are already all connected…)


Photo by Markus Spiske