Computer Distancing

My husband has been watching the e-sport industry absolutely take off. Not taking part, but just watching it from the sidelines. (Not the games themselves, let me just clarify, but the trends; this industry…)

I don’t ‘get it’ personally; I’m more of a fan of the outdoors, and/or being physically active myself rather than experiencing it vicariously through the screen. But, of course, this is slightly off-limits for many right now.


Computer distancing

It doesn’t seem that this confinement time is not doing our health much good is it? Not being ‘allowed’ outside into the sunshine and nature, for many, but for huge swathes more the tendency to be connected to a screen almost all day, day after day is real.

What’s more though, the likes of the increasingly popular e-sports is highly highly addictive. (Oh, who am I kidding – as is everything social media and screen-oriented. And no matter your age…)

The fall out from this will have a toll on people after this situation. Perhaps not as grave as the aftermath for the families of casualties, nor those whose livelihoods has had the carpet swept from underneath them…but don’t underestimate the effect of addiction. (Nor how much we’re being played by the industry itself….)

We’re calling computer-distancing time in our household. To instate healthy boundaries around screen time and to introduce proper connection time (even though we’re in each other’s company all day everyday…).


Good old tech, eh…?

There are some very hard lessons being experienced here.

Whatever the situation with ‘5G’ (‘cause’, covert rollout or some other variation), the technology upon which we are reliant and obsessed has an impact on health.

How 5G operates is that is works on high frequency radio-waves, which do not travel long distances. Unlike the current 4G and preceding versions on ‘connectivity’ – which is why there are signal masts every few miles or so; the waves upon which these technologies have been based reach over much much longer distances, and so the emittors are only required at a broad range. Whereas 5G operates in a totally different way – the transmitters will be all around us. And, that really means all around us. For a good while now all of the electrical bits and pieces that you have bought – from TVs down to lightbulbs have components in them (invariably made in China) which will act as the transmitters of your 5G internet (if you so choose to use it once it rolls out widespread)(If there will be a ‘choice’…)

If you google China & 5G; Italy & 5G, Spain &5G, Iran & 5G, USA & 5G, Germany & 5G – you’ll see that all of these countries have purposeful roll out plans (partially implemented or other..).

Now, correlation is not causation, as my husband often likes to remind me, and who really knows the truth?

And let’s keep this in mind when we remind ourselves of the early experiments done in the Netherlands, when 5G was switched on and 150 birds fell out of the sky within 48 hours.

(I may be exaggerating here…it might only have been 50. So that’s all right then.)

But, correlation does not imply causation. Just funny old coincidences perhaps. Just not so funny…

Didn’t people (apparently) fall down in the streets in China though at the end of November last year, when they blanket switched on 5G in Wuhan at the start of November?

So what do we do with these spinnets of information? And are we really receiving the truth?


Interesting times

What do we really know about these new technologies that keep unfolding around us, out of sight and therefore out of mind….?

Because we have to come to our own conclusions (especially when the party line is, ‘5G has not been shown to be harmful to humans’. Note that no largescale widespread human trials are being quoted when they reinterate their party-line.)

Oh, wait everyone – perhaps this is the experiment.

Oh….silly me.

It seems that we are living the experiment. But who really knows the truth?

Although you did know that the technology for 5G was, reportedly, originally used for people control? Interesting times, huh?

We are experiencing a global experiment, because there have been no trials on the ‘safety’ of this very different, very intrusive technology.

I’m not claiming scientific insight to all of this and I’m not claiming to have all of the ‘facts’ one hundred per cent ‘correct’.

But I have been following the background story behind 5G for a good little while now. Plus I’m prepared to ask different questions right now. (Usually, actually!)

Not least, as I wouldn’t trust the party line as far as you could welly wang it.

How willing are we, together, to trust the party line hook, line and sinker right now when we barely know the truth…


Plain old-fashioned healthy

But whatever you believe (and what you choose to believe is utmostly important), we all have to decide what we’re going to do about it. Individually, as well as collectively, ultimately.

We have to go through the process of being conscious that there are aspects of our lives that we are blindly accepting (not only because we can’t see them!) as if they are a normal part of life. (Perhaps they are ‘usual’ within this lifetime, but that does not mean that they’re normal to a natural life – one full of vitality, and well, just plain old-fashioned healthy.

These technologies literally inundate our atmosphere, and we have to ask if it’s something that we wish for, any longer, on our planet. For her wellbeing, as much as ours!

And I get it, there’s a good dose of hypocrisy to my thread because here I am posting this via the internet.

And if I have to leave it all behind tomorrow, then that’s fine by me. I suspect I’d exhale a big sigh of relief…


Tribal time near or far?

However this invisible connectivity with all and sundry around the globe has, on the other hand, ‘brought’ people together in a kind of way. People connecting with their ‘tribe’ and all that…

But how about our neighbours? How about looking out for the actual people who are physically by our side, with whom we may well have more in common with than we could ever know…were we just to speak to them. To connect. To have a conversation. To open out and help, and support, or maybe ask for help ourselves…

I see that one of the amazingly positive aspects that’s coming out of this truly tragic experiment (I mean episode – slip of the fingers there), is how people are forging community. Properly. (Notwithstanding the standard 2m distance apart.)

Caring out those who are here with us. Reaching out to those who are vulnerable, or deeply distressed, or grieving…

Perhaps we would have so much to learn from those who are older, and have seen and lived through a lot.

How about reinstating that level of respect in our communities and our lives? Personally, the buzz from having a meaningful conversation with someone who has lived many more decades than me. It’s beautiful. Much better than a virtually car race around a mock-up Monaco, or wherever. Meaningful, I think is the poignant word here…


Living the real life

All of this find-your-tribal nature that the internet has facilitated has been amazing in lots of ways. It has enabled enormously positive ideas to permeate and be shared all around the globe.

Perhaps we all know enough about the good vibes for us to forge ahead with our good practices and live them in real life? And perhaps there are enough newly spiritually-seated members among us, that we can spread the good stuff within our actual community; without the internet, without Instagram.

Not least as that would allow all of those Instagram ‘influencers’ to really use the depths of their influence to share to a local audience…(without the distraction of all of those branding endorsements) Huh? (I imagine the cynicism is palpable.)

So we have some choices to make. Waking up to clearly see the real effects of the time out of ‘normal office hours’ (whether the 5G conspiracy is just that, or other…), is an opportunity that this episode is gifting us.

What we do right now is up to us. We may just have to vote with our feet (when we’re allow out to do so again…).

Truth or no truth, with a spot of computer distancing, stay safe in there…