Conscious Governance

Deep opinions come with deep obligations. If you’re deeply committed to an idea, it’s essential to respect that others may be equally deeply immersed in their own, quite possibly, differing opinions.

It’s essential because we are all most ardently entitled to our own opinion – of course! But it’s essential because what is right for one simply is not right for another. Just as with food…


Conscious alignment

If we have a belief about something (let’s say, that a vaccine will make us ‘safe’), then this is a right choice for us.

Conversely if taking action to preserve our health in ways that are deeply steeped in natural and holistic means, then this is the right course for that person, those people.

The essential factor is in aligning our own beliefs and our own actions together and this in itself is living an empowered life.

The only way to be wholly integral in this process is to accept that there are differences in our approaches, and to intentionally proffer the respect of, and the space for each to exist.


Conscious acceptance

Consciously accepting our differences is a part of our growth…and that it is only the awareness of one perspective which enables its counter to exist! Polar opposites are intrinsically interlinked, for one simply could not exist without the other! It’s the light and the dark thing; experience of one only enables us to know the other…they exist only as a consequence of knowing the other.

However, it’s not always so easy to see things in this light – the notion of our inherent inseparableness. Certainly we’ve been condition to – imbued with – a sense of separateness; our modern culture exists off the back of this notion of separateness – of competition and ‘getting ahead’, of one man for himself, of our ‘individualness’ and the separateness of our property and dwelling… Separateness is sown into the fabric of most of what we value, and certainly what we’ve grown up with.

(And yet it goes without saying that of course the uniqueness of each individual, is sacrosanct…but not at the expense of the whole; not at the detriment of something for our own betterment.)

We’re so deeply disconnected from our interconnectedness! My experience only exists because of you, and you, and you, and you… Everything is inherently interlinked, and it’s actually impossible to distinguish ‘me’ separately to you; my experience is such and only as a function of you.

We are creating our experience of our world only as a function of everyone else. We are co-creating; we are inextricably linked.

However, our conditioned striving to ‘reach the top’ is inherently (flawed, but also) imbued with ‘I am separate’ and therefore ‘I am better; you are worse’; ‘I am more, you are less’; ‘I am right, you are wrong’…’we are separate and thus it does not matter’. ‘This is all here for my means, my consumption, my better experience here’ – and this appears to justify the means. It is our well-honed ego which keeps us the pretence of our separateness; its raison d’etre is to perpetuate this falsehood!

Some of our societal challenges require the breakdown of this over-inflated ego of ours! Getting to that place of respect for other’s opinions is borne from enabling humility. (A humility where the ego is not allowed to be deemed ‘right’ above all else…)

Perhaps if we lowered our ego’s defences, and opened ourselves to a change in perception – that the essential truth is that our differences infer our connectedness. And rather than alienate one another, we would accept each others’ whole perfection in their particular choices for them and their particular way of interpreting the world…?


Conscious governance, pa ra pa pum pum…

Acceptance leads us directly to peace – conscious acceptance of our differences allows the perturbations of our restless mind to settle…it no longer needs to keep up the ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’ façade that the ego creates, and it is here that we can will find peace in ourselves.

If we would quieten our egos, then we could all continue to co-create, and co-exist, consciously, respectfully and peacefully.

What would be particularly ‘nice’ at this juncture in our evolution would be if the government would also respect that there are factions for whom different solutions are the right solutions. For them. And that their solutions do not suit everyone…

Wouldn’t that be nice – to be governed with conscious awareness. And wouldn’t it be nice to move into a peaceful festive season …pa ra pa pum pum.