Accessing Running Magic Online Course

The doors are open for Accessing Running Magic Online!

It will transform your running from the ground up…


What transformation looks like

During the 5 week course, you will –

  • Fully reveal the hidden power from your running body
  • Be wholly supported to create the movement patterns to unleash your fullest potential
  • Deeply connect to the breath and foster a positive relationship with your breathing when running
  • Enhance caring for your running body from pre-run to post-run (and beyond!)
  • Specifically address female issues around running and your cycle
  • Rev up your motivation no end and apply a wealth of race tactics to help up the game!


Accessing Running Magic with Dawn Meredith-Davies brings together physiotherapy knowledge, a specialism in movement patterns for running and powerful insights and yoga practices, and we dig deep into reaping greater rewards from your running.


Falling into a rhythm & what to expect 

The course takes place through a series of video-based activities. Some will be outdoors where we’ll look at every single component of your running, and work through small but extremely effective adjustments for you to run optimally. And some activities will be indoors to support creating the shifts.

You’ll receive the material straight to your inbox in bite-sized portions throughout each week. The entire process will unfold easily, progressively and with huge amounts of support and guidance.

We fall into a nice rhythm:

Saturday starts each week, the week’s new material will arrive early into your inbox so that you have the whole weekend to play with the latest activities.

Sunday evening is Live Call time. And most weeks there are some more snippets to play with afterwards…

Until Wednesday evening and the second Live Call with a Q&A. Following that there will inevitably be more extras coming your way.

And then Saturday comes around again!


No pressure to keep up with the pace!

Yet there’s absolutely no pressure to ‘keep up’ with the pace! Fit in the material however it works in your schedule – just like your running does – the material will be yours to go through on an ongoing basis… If you happen to be going away one of the weekends or so – no problems, simply catch up when you get home. You can’t fall behind because this is a journey that will unfold in the right time and in the right way for you. Anyway, sometimes taking your time is the right timeframe!

Each week everything will be delivered to your inbox in manageable pieces – all of the videos, new material, all of the follow up material, and all of the recordings & Q&As – so that you can take it at your own pace (literally!). We make super amounts of progress by taking incremental, culmulative steps forward.


Here’s what others have had to say about Accessing Running Magic

Just wanted to say WOW !! I’ve found the magic! I’m just back from a little run… putting into play all of what I learnt and it has made an incredible difference already! My pace was sooo much quicker, quite incredible…


I thoroughly enjoyed the course – it was information, concise and very helpful – so thanks again! I have become more aware of my body especially breathing, stretching and my overall running form.


The Accessing Running Magic schedule

The online course start on Saturday 26th October 2019, and runs live until the end of November.

Enrolment closes 5pm Friday 25th October…don’t miss out!

The current EARLY BIRD rates will be held until Midnight on Wednesday 16th October – and then the price will go up…


It’s taking place during a really powerful time of year as well for making progress – the clocks will have just changed, and it’s going to offer you huge amounts of motivation to get out and play, when the nights really start to draw in…


The 5 weeks look like this –

Week 1 : Connecting To Yourself & Our Energy Centres

Week 2 : Introducing The Upper Body! And Warming Up

Week 3 : The Lower Body & Post-Run Maintenance

Week 4 : Putting It All Together & How Do You Want To Feel?

Week 5 : The Breath, Our Cycle, Motivation, Racing & Being Barefoot


EARLY BIRD OFFER is available until Midnight WEDNESDAY 16TH OCTOBER

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Very many thanks indeed.


If you really want to ‘up’ every aspect of your running game…from improving your running technique and your breathing, looking after your running body, finding an endless source of motivation, essential racing tactics, and most of all – how to stay the course and enjoy your running for the long haul, then the Accessing Running Magic Online Course is for you!


More about Dawn

Dawn Meredith-Davies MSc is a holistic physiotherapist with a specialism in movement for running.

She runs and teaches yoga and having spent a lifetime immersed in whole-person practices focussing on positive nutrition, acupuncture, Ayurveda, as well as the integrated elements of mind and body, Dawn brings this holistic approach to her work – to help you find more freedom from your running and in your day-to-day…

As well as starting the Living Green Health website, she is founder of the independent physiotherapy practice Meredith-Davies Physiotherapy.



Accessing Running Magic is lots of fun, you’ll learn so much, you will find power that you didn’t know was in you…and consequently you’ll definitely access your running magic! : )

Enrol and join holistic physiotherapist Dawn Meredith-Davies and reap remarkable rewards to make leaps and bounds in your running!


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