Building Resilience – Yoga with Dawn

Eight classes – ten whole hours – focused on Building Resilience…

Building resilience doesn’t ‘just’ mean physical strength and power – it refers to preparedness of our mental, our physical and our emotional selves.

And so we spend this time building and building – introducing postures, revisiting some, expanding on others – so that our resilience to what’s been asked of us (and not just on the yoga mat!) gets stronger and stronger…and it’s possible that we just might do so too in the process!

Join us for 75 minutes classes where we work through breathwork, progressive classes suitable for all levels, and a closing deep relaxation. You’ll want your mat, perhaps a block and a cushion, and a quiet space to be able to connect to yourself undistracted.

Work through these recordings of the live classes in your own time as we’ve created the class environment especially for your living room…

Each class will be sent to you as a clickable file in separate emails (to the email address that you provide when you purchase the series below), so that you can easily save the classes and return to them over and again.


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