Whole-Person Fitness & Health Coaching

If you’re here because you’re serious about reaching a particular goal or health target and investing in ways to best support yourself to get there…then great!

Sometimes though, when we’re still toying with an idea, or our ‘next big target’ hasn’t quite taken shape for us just yet, we need to bounce our ideas around, to see what might be possible and to explore different routes to get there, before committing and embarking on the path. If this feels like you, read on to find out about your FREE Exploratory Call!

If you’re ready to take action this season – no matter whether your goal might be a physical or fitness goal or event or a health target – and you love the idea of holistic-health support to guide you seamlessly towards your desired goals, here’s what’s on offer…


Dawn’s Whole-Person Fitness & Health Coaching will bring you crystal clarity to realise your goal, will guide you there feeling fully supported & superbly prepared but most of all, it will ensure that you overcome your hurdles and enjoy the process from the inside-out.

And it’s about all of you, because to get one aspect in alignment, means looking at the whole picture. The jigsaw needs all of the pieces to fit together to make the picture complete…


If you’re ready for your FREE 30-minute Exploratory Call with Dawn to start unfolding your goal and unravelling how best to get there, then register below now.


Whole-Person Fitness & Health Coaching

Dawn has a limited number of 1-1 coaching places available for either 3, 6 or 12 months.

What you get –

  • To breathe a deep sigh of happy relief, knowing that you are wholly supported you to reach your goal
  • To feel truly nourished, grounded and motivated as we put into place purposeful practices that re-invigorate all of the interconnected aspects of life
  • To feel fully in control and confident in how you approach the target having worked together in-depth through the hurdles that have stopped you in the past and re-telling your tales about yourself
  • To feel deeply excited and satisfied having thoroughly enjoyed and extracted meaning from the process


And we get there by exploring 4 key holistic areas – the physical self and exercise, your optimal energy expenditure for your profile, as well as nourishment and daily essentials and perhaps most importantly, mindset, motivation and awareness.


What the coaching actually looks like…

FREE 30-minute Exploratory Call

We start off with your FREE 30-minute Exploratory Call to start exploring your goal together, what you could achieve through coaching, and we’ll go over the details of the coaching in more depth.


90-minute Initial Consultation

Once you’ve committed to one of the packages, we’ll schedule an in-depth Initial Consultation via Skype during ‘Week 1’ where we map out your energy profile and current activities, and hone your goals.


Progressive Personalised Plan

This will be followed-up by email with the initial version of the Progressive Personalised Plan which is our ‘working document’. The Plan will continue to evolve, expand and deepen as the coaching unfolds.

Then, down to realising the plan!


Weekly 60-minute Calls in Weeks 2 & 3

Early on in the process, it’s good to have lots of contact. So, in Weeks 2 & 3 we schedule a 60-minute Skype Call; we make progress covering material and we settle into rhythm, and you get to ask all of the questions that arise…


Fortnightly 60-minute Call

Thereafter, and for the duration of the coaching, we’ll have a 60-minute Call every 2 weeks, covering the topics which arise and require attention related to the 4 key holistic areas as above. The calls are fortnightly because you need time to carry out the work!


Follow-Up Email

Each call will be followed up with a Follow-Up Email, summarising the material covered, confirming the updated plan, and sending the array of holistic resources to meet your needs.



Plus – you’ll be warmly invited to update by email in between the calls as and when you need to!

Towards the end of the coaching period you’ll be offered the chance to extend our work together.


If you’re still unsure of your goal, but committed to making a change this season, book your Exploratory Call below, and we’ll crystalise your ideas together…


Coaching that’s truly driven by your needs-desires-goals, and delivered through holistic means to elevate as well as bring whole-person harmony.

 If you’re willing to go deep to reap big personal rewards, you’ll want someone on your side who’s willing to explore the depths to unearth your greatest potential.


The 4 Key Holistic Areas That We’ll Explore Together

Your physical self & exercise

Whether it’s a running goal, or a triathlon race, a determination to become stronger or overcome an injury, we’ll work proactively towards your physical desires with progressive plans which adapt around life.

Using enjoyable, achievable structures, we’ll employ tools from Dawn’s in-depth training and racing background, as well as prescribing powerful physiotherapy and yoga-based activities specific to your body (and its tendencies!)!

Think stretching programmes prepared for you, strengthening regimes specific to your needs, a plethora or mental tactics to employ, all of the variability that your body needs to be prepared for what you’re asking from it and most of all, a guiding hand to gently, yet powerfully steer you towards the successes that you’re looking for…


Optimal energy expenditure for your profile

We’ll start off by powerfully understanding your energy profile and use this as a foundation to harness your greatest potential.

When we better understand our inherent nature, we can stop pushing against the things that we find hard…and move, with so much more ease, towards the things that flow for us.

We’ll draw of various models from the 5 Elements model from Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and the Tridoshas as well as the Chakra system.


Nourishment and daily essentials

Your efforts require the right fuel, & your body will flourish with the right ingredients for you. In health, vitality and productivity.

Food & hydration for optimal health your type, for your cycle & training requirements are our building blocks.

We’ll also work with grounded practices beneficial for life’s other essentials – sleep, connection and exploring the challenges of distractions. Because unless the whole system is working, the system isn’t optimally working…


Mindset, motivation and awareness

No matter what endeavours we’re pursuing, our approach is paramount.

There are steps to shifting our mindset, in order to realise our internal capacity and overcoming being in our own way…

Some of our most limiting conversations happen in our head, and it’s only if we explore these with another and be open to different perspectives in order to plant new, meaningful seeds, will path open up that empowers us from the inside…and ultimately affects every aspect of our life, and enable us to, in addition to meeting our goals, find peace and balance in our relationships through the power of language and our intent.


Registering for your FREE 30-minute Exploratory Call

If you’re getting super excited about 1-1 coaching with Dawn, then here’s how to register for your FREE 30-minute Exploratory Call

  • Hit the ‘Add to Basket’ button and ‘checkout’ (There’s no fee here, of course, but you must go through the process!)
  • Create an LGH Account with your best email address for Dawn to contact you.
  • Once Dawn has received the confirmation, she’ll send you an email with some options for your 30-minute Exploratory Call via Skype.
  • Choose a time and message back, leaving your preferred time and your Skype address.
  • Dawn will send a Contact via Skype and will call you at the chosen time.
  • And off we go!


More about Dawn Meredith-Davies

As a holistic health practitioner and physiotherapist, Dawn Meredith-Davies MSc brings a whole-person and integrated approach to helping your find freedom. Her website – Living Green Health – is a space where she shares positive and natural ideas to fuel optimal movement and health, for your most vibrant experience of life. Dawn is also founder of the independent holistic physiotherapy practice Meredith-Davies Physiotherapy.

All to help you find more freedom…

Dawn originally trained as a physiotherapist, and having been a runner forever, she honed a specialism in movement patterns for running, and as well as teaching the foundations of optimal running form. She also teaches yoga… Dawn’s spent a lifetime immersed in whole-person practices focussing on positive nutrition, acupuncture, Ayurveda and of course our physical and energetic wellbeing, powerfully accessing the integrated elements of mind and body.

The Whole-Person Fitness & Health Coaching is based on Dawn’s model of connectedness and health that she has been unfolding and working with for the last 10 years. This is based in down-to-earth, easy to comprehend language with powerful, naturally driven actions which show the results you’re looking for…all with a dose of humour thrown in!


I’ll work hard on your behalf if you want to work hard and realise your heart’s yearnings…

When we commit, we can make anything happen. Committing is the first step.


Which coaching package to choose?!

The 3-month 1-1 Whole-Person Fitness & Health Coaching Package

  • Initial Consultation 90 minutes
  • Follow-Up Email with Progressive Personalised Plan
  • 6x Skype Calls, 60 minutes each
  • 6x Follow-Up Email with Objective & Plan Updates plus various related Resources
  • Option to extend coaching

One payment £297


The 6-month 1-1 Whole-Person Fitness & Health Coaching Package

  • Initial consultation 90 minutes
  • Follow-Up Email with Progressive Personalised Plan
  • 12x Skype Calls, 60 minutes each
  • 12x Follow-Up Email with Objective & Plan Updates plus various related Resources
  • Option to extend coaching

One-off payment of £497


Initial payment £297, and one payment at 2 months £250

Total amount for 6 months = £547


The 12-month 1-1 Whole-Person Fitness & Health Coaching Package

  • Initial consultation 90 minutes
  • Follow-Up Email with Progressive Personalised Plan
  • 24x Skype Calls, 60 minutes each
  • 24x Follow-Up Email with Objective & Plan Updates plus various related Resources
  • Option to continue coaching

One-off payment of £947


Initial payment £297, subsequent payments at 2 months, 5 months & 8 months of £250

Total Amount for 12 Months = £1047


Your Guarantee

Because no-one wants to be locked into something that they’re not enjoying, if, after the first month of coaching you feel that you’re not getting value from the process, Dawn will reimburse 50% of the initial payment, and the coaching will be terminated.

However! The purpose of the coaching is to keep you on target towards reaching your goal! Dawn asks that you show that you’ve made efforts during that first month to complete the tasks agreed to during the Calls and documented in The Plan. Sometimes though, the greatest rewards are revealed after prolonged efforts…Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that!


Take the long lonely slog out of it, and allow Dawn to keep you on track, on time and with your eye on the goal.  

It’s not the goal which is important, it’s how you get there which counts…


Add to Basket below to register for your Exploratory Call via Skype with Dawn…and see your goals come meaningfully to fruition!


Dawn offers accessible, action-oriented, affordable coaching to support you to an empowered version of your fitness or health goal.

Allow your goals to be organised in a piecemeal way and your time to be managed in a way that feels supportive, attainable, expansive and fun!