Physiotherapy Consultations

If you’re experiencing physical pain right now, and you’re stuck at home and unable to visit a physiotherapist in person, Dawn can offer Physiotherapy Consultations over Skype or Zoom.

It’s not just about ‘giving you exercises to do’ either…

Drawing on over 10 years of clinical experience, and using honed analysis of movement patterns as well as powerful listening skills, it’s possible to unravel the reasons why you’re in pain and to work together, albeit separately, to release the ‘stuckness’ from the system – and this can happen online.

Hands-on treatment is an integral element of Dawn’s physiotherapy practice, but it’s certainly not the only route to helping healing occur – and sometimes you just can’t get there in person… As well as the reassurance to talk through your pain with a professional, you can be guided with what to do to effectively and purposefully alleviate your pain and embark on the healing process.

There’s no need to remain in pain over this period.


Physiotherapy Consultations by Skype or Zoom last 50-60 minutes. Appointments are offered in the morning to suit your schedule. Once you’ve purchased a treatment session, complete the form and indicate when suits you best for an appointment.


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