Physiotherapy Consultations

Redefining physiotherapy treatment. The current model for our physical pain is that it sits in the physical body, and so that is what is treated. Yes, of course it is – this is where we experience our pain!

Sometimes, treating the physical body (by manipulating and mobilising it) is enough to resolve the pain. And sometimes it isn’t enough.

You see, we areĀ energeticĀ beings. Yes, we carry around (or are carried around by!) a physical body, but if your pain isn’t resolving with physical treatment alone, then something needs to shift on the energetic level. And then the mechanisms that are contributing to your physical pain will release its grip.

During the Physiotherapy Consultations, we explore these energetic mechanisms as well as provide physical physiotherapy activities to do – because the two are intrinsically connected – to enable the underlying shifts to take place on the physical plane, and for healing to occur.


Physiotherapy Consultations by Skype last 50 minutes.

Please note that appointments are only available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings only between 7am-12midday.


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