Easy, right?

Is anyone else feeling a pervasive sense of helplessness?

Does anyone else feel that we’re massively on the wrong trajectory and heading towards certain plunder of (all of) the species (us very much included)?

Can anyone else not quite believe that we inhabit this extraordinarily beautiful planet..and yet, the most prevalent picture that we see is of the gross destruction of forests, utter desolation of natural habitats and simply atrocious levels of rubbish strewn everywhere – roadsides, our oceans and beaches…?

Or have recent relative freedoms given us just enough distraction again to brush these uncomfortable truths out of our mainframe…? Easy to do, right, when reconnecting with the beach feels imperative for our health (and indeed it is!)?

But what have we gone through this episode for, curbing our naturally inclined social togetherness, if not to bring to the surface, and then enable some shifts from our deeply, grotesquely, destructive ‘culture’…?

And what do we do? Well it’s fair to say that if we leave the destiny of our planet in the hands of central government, then we can probably kiss goodbye humanity (after who knows what other insane, inhumane, controlling and disempowering policies which speak almost exclusively of depravity and greed have been invoked). We have to take the reins of power for ourselves, and our communities.

Easy to say, right?

And what does it look like?

Well looking deeply at the real issues behind who has succumbed to this truly global disease, well, it’s clear that those who are elderly and arguably with less robust immune systems, plus those who have been living with inflammatory disease who have suffered the most plight.

More about our elderly citizens later.

Why are we living lives wholly rife with internal inflammation? Leading to chronic disease left right and centre – diabetes, obesity, heart disease, autoimmune diseases.

Ok, we all know this (don’t we?) – processed ‘foods’ are laden with sugar, there’s a stimulant available on every corner of practically every street, we’re numbing out on beer and wine, our veg flies half way round the world before it reaches our supermarket, let alone our plate… our soils are leached of essential nutrients at the behest of massive monofarming, chemicals layer each and every fruit or veg picked. To name a few reasons.

Plus we’re living chronically disconnected, isolated, spiritually starved lives in our hidden-away nuclear families at the top of tower blocks, far removed from the heart of the extended village of a family that were supposed to be living in…on ground level. Or some variation of this sweeping statement.

Isn’t it time to change this model?

And no surprises the government are not going to do this for us. When the power structures in place in our current world have ‘us’ as minions in their money making machine, while supporting the feeding of toxicity into our systems through the soil, the seed and its (also corrupted) magic ingredient, water. The human lifeline essentially. (Other than the breath, and that’s pretty polluted too.)

And then we’re getting sick. En masse. Fat and sick.

And infertile. Our gut is so clogged up with sh*t, literally, that we’re ceasing being able to carry out one of the reasons for being: to reproduce.

Is anyone surprised to hear this story?

If we want change (and if we don’t change, we’re headed for the cliff like lemmings), we’re going to have to organise this, on a local level, by ourselves for ourselves. To clean up our food chain from soil to delivery; to make it local, seasonal, self-sustaining and to make it free from chemicals and full of flavour again.

We are going to have to compromise on avocados all year round, and eat cabbage when it’s cabbage season. (Sauerkraut, by the way, could not better support our gut health, nor could it be easier to make.) We’re going to have to stop demanding meat with every meal. Instead we’re going to have to collectively stand up and demand that factory farming be closed. Completely. And with it the junk food ‘establishments’ selling it.

Because unless we stop our consumptive, destructive, resource hunger at the expense of the planet – our home – then we might as well kiss goodbye ‘modernity’ for good. And we deserve that too. With our current collective modus operandi, and our present separatist perception of the ego’s ‘mememe’, which we conveniently refer to when we want to distance ourselves from the shocking state of everything that we see around us. We are all intrinsically linked, and ultimately collectively responsible.

We not only live in ‘a beautiful part of the world’ we are a part of the most beautiful world. And we have been, collectively, endorsing it being ravaged. Raped and pillaged as we manically seek more and more and more material stuff, and packaged foods, and fossil fuels to burn through. Thinking that recycling and charity shops and electric cars are the entire answer.

There is so much beauty around us, and yet we’ve paved (almost) everything with grey. Dirty, noisy building sites making way for dirty, noisy conglomerations.

So people are fat and sick. And sick and tired (of the hamster wheel keeping this model going…). And now, just sick.

And the government’s medical response? Pills pills pills pills pills. Or perhaps, cut it out…or burn it out, or just plough it with more toxins.

And in the backdrop of a new level of dis-ease in our midst, what is the ‘only answer’? To allow the big greed of big pharma to inject more toxicity into our system, and this time, directly into your bloodstream.

Is this really the only conceivable course of action?

If we can step aside, for a moment, past the media-induced fear and society’s disconnection and sheer aversion to entertaining a transformative notion of death, and consider what this really looks like for a moment.

Our body, given the right conditions (not too hard to create, either), thrives. That means, it works phenomenally well, efficiently and effectively, and in a graceful harmony. This is how it’s designed. As with all of nature.

When the system is out of harmony, we experience unsettling, but related symptoms. The symptoms might seem obscure or completely disparate but this is because all of the systems of the body are interconnected, and so one system does not become disturbed in isolation.

And, in a similar fashion, so too do those pills that you’re described. They interrupt every system in the body (because in a startlingly phenomenal way proteins in the body are so multi-purpose that it’s impossible to map the fullest extent of their impact, and our man-made medications certainly can not replicate their extra-ordinary reach), and you experience ‘side effects’. Or effects. You experience the effect of the medication – aimed to target your specific primary problem – and how that same chemical concoction affects every other system.

But herein is the underlying issue: that we’re considering our ‘medical’ conditions in complete isolation. (Almost as chronically as we consider the members of our society.)

We have a prevailing thought system which reduces every aspect of our society to the smallest denominator, and totally and utterly loses the concept of the whole.

The body is a whole system. And our individual system works in an interconnected nature to every other system. As do every other ecosystems ‘in nature’ (ie. outside our front door, because heaven forbid we become overrun with creatures in our living space… Let us ensure that we live sterile lives separated as far as possible from nature. Because we’re not a part of nature…?)

Note: our individual system is dependent upon innumerable ‘creatures’ in our micro-biome. Which, in among our obsession with stripping away all ‘germs’ possible has devastated our micro-biome..and along with it our immune system. (Is it any wonder that our physical health is in such dire straights? Are we going about this unbelievably ‘base over apex’?)

Let’s ask that question again: because we’re not a part of nature…?