Fitness & Health Coaching Oman

Supporting you to achieve your sporting goals and health aims

Are you missing someone to wholly support you to your sporting or your health targets?

Would you relish on-hand holistic physiotherapy advise to keep you injury-free, comprehensive guidance to stretching and strengthening as well as nutrition specific to you and your body, plus someone to guide your to authentically overcome the hurdles to fulfilling your greatest potential as well as someone to exclusively bounce off your progress and your concerns and worries…?

If having someone on hand to powerfully address all of the interconnected aspects of your health or sports goal sounds like a dream come true to you, then read on…


Fitness & Health Coaching Oman

A limited number of places are available for accessible, action-oriented, affordable coaching to support you to an empowered version of health and goal achievement.

The coaching will be highly personalised to meet your needs and aspirations. With a wealth of knowledge and resources at your disposal in a broad range of the interconnected elements of striving for a goal – be it a sporting goal, or a health-based goal – Dawn tailors the sessions so that you get to unfold your fullest ambitions.

We get there by exploring 4 key areas – the physical self and exercise, your optimal energy expenditure for your profile, as well as nourishment and daily essentials and perhaps most importantly, mindset, motivation and awareness.


What you’ll get from the coaching –

  • Ongoing access to a holistic physiotherapist with broad, in-depth experience in the inter-related fields of training, health and wellbeing.
  • A thorough baseline consultation detailing what you wish to achieve and where you’re starting from, which areas requires attention, and an action plan to get you there.
  • An evolving, progressive plan fully tailored to your aims, and around your commitments.
  • 1-1 commited support for you to relay your progress, to externalise your concerns, and to guide you through the challenges that come up.
  • 1-1 time to fully learn and embody positive complementary activities – including stretching and strengthening – to implement and become more connected to yourself.
  • A wealth of motivation for you and tools to capitalise from.
  • To feel fully confident, in control and with solid support and backup behind you.
  • Preferential rates for any additional Physiotherapy Treatment & for the Movement Analysis Sessions as required or desired!


Allow your goals to be organised in a progressive, piecemeal way that feels wholly supportive, attainable, expansive and fun!


How The Coaching Works

We start off having a 30-minute chat discussing your goals, getting to know each other and how the coaching would best work for you.

Once you’re ready to commit we have a 90-minute Initial Consultation where we map out your current activities and energy expenditure, and we hone steps to reaching your goal. This will take place in ‘Week 1’

We develop a Personalised Plan, which will be our ‘working document’. The plan will continue to progress and evolve as time elapses and the coaching unfolds.

In Weeks 2 & 3, we’ll have a 60-minute Contact – either in-person or as a Skype call – whichever best suits your schedule. It’s good to have a lot of contact early on in the process so that we can cover lots of material, settle into a rhythm and you have the opportunity to ask all the questions that inevitably arise!

Thereafter we schedule fortnightly 60-minute Contacts for the duration of the coaching. Again this can be in-person, or via Skype, depending on the material to cover and your schedule. The calls are every two weeks because you need time to carry out ‘the work’ between our sessions!

Each Contact will be followed by a Follow-Up Email, summarising the material covered, updating your Personalised Plan as well as sending resources as discussed.

Additionally, you’re warmly invited to send ‘progress reports’ via WhatsApp or email in between our designated sessions!


What To Do Now

Email Dawn at and we’ll organise an initial chat!

In the meantime, here’s more about the key areas that we might cover depending on your goal and whatever comes up –


The 4 Key Areas To Explore

Your physical self & exercise

Whether it’s a running goal, or a triathlon race, a determination to become stronger or overcoming an injury, we’ll work proactively towards your physical desires with progressive plans which adapt around life.

Using enjoyable, achievable structures, we’ll employ tools from Dawn’s in-depth training and racing background, as well as prescribing powerful physiotherapy and yoga-based activities specific to your body (and its tendencies!)!

Think stretching programmes prepared for you, strengthening regimes specific to your needs, a plethora or mental tactics to employ, all of the variability that your body needs to be prepared for what you’re asking from it and most of all, a guiding hand to gently steer you towards the successes that you’re looking for…


Optimal energy expenditure for your profile

We’ll start off by powerfully understanding your energy profile and use this as a foundation to harness your greatest potential.

When we better understand our inherent nature, we can stop pushing against the things that we find hard…and move, with so much more ease, towards the things that flow for us.

We’ll draw of various models from the 5 Elements model from Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and the Tridoshas as well as the Chakra system.


Nourishment and daily essentials

Your efforts require the right fuel, & your body will flourish with the right ingredients for you. In health, vitality and productivity.

Food & hydration for optimal health your type, for your cycle & training requirements are our building blocks.

We’ll also work with grounded practices beneficial for life’s other essentials – sleep, connection and exploring the challenges of distractions. Because unless the whole system is working, the system isn’t optimally working…


Mindset, motivation and awareness

No matter what endeavours we’re pursuing, our approach is paramount.

There are steps to shifting our mindset, in order to realise our internal capacity and overcoming being in our own way…

Some of our most limiting conversations happen in our head, and it’s only if we explore these with another and be open to different perspectives in order to plant new, meaningful seeds, will path open up that empowers us from the inside…and ultimately affects every aspect of our life, and enable us to, in addition to meeting our goals, find peace and balance in our relationships through the power of language and our intent.


Your Options

Choose from one of the following Coaching Packages –

The 3-month 1-1 Fitness & Health Coaching Package

  • Initial Consultation 90 minutes
  • Follow-Up Email with Progressive Personalised Plan
  • 6x In-Person Contacts*, 60 minutes each
  • 6x Follow-Up Email with Objective & Plan Updates plus various related Resources
  • Option to extend coaching

One payment 167 OMR

*Or delivered via Skype depending on your schedule.


The 6-month 1-1 Fitness & Health Coaching Package

  • Initial Consultation 90 minutes
  • Follow-Up Email with Progressive Personalised Plan
  • 12x In-Person Contacts*, 60 minutes each
  • 12x Follow-Up Email with Objective & Plan Updates plus various related Resources
  • Option to extend coaching

One-off payment of 297 OMR


Initial payment 167 OMR, and one payment at 2 months of 150 OMR

Total amount for 6 months = 317 OMR


The 12-month 1-1 Fitness & Health Coaching Package

  • Initial Consultation 90 minutes
  • Follow-Up Email with Progressive Personalised Plan
  • 24x In-Person Contacts*, 60 minutes each
  • 24x Follow-Up Email with Objective & Plan Updates plus various related Resources
  • Option to continue coaching

One-off payment of 547 OMR


Initial payment 167 OMR, subsequent payments at 2 months, 5 months & 8 months of 150 OMR

Total Amount for 12 Months = 617 OMR


Your Guarantee

Because no-one wants to be locked into something that they’re not getting value from, if, after the first month of coaching you feel that you’re not getting value from the process, Dawn will reimburse 50% of the initial payment, and the coaching will be terminated.

However! The purpose of the coaching is to keep you on target towards reaching your goal! Dawn asks that you show that you’ve made efforts during that first month to complete the tasks agreed to during the Calls and documented in The Plan. Sometimes though, the greatest rewards are revealed after prolonged efforts…Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that!


Why Work With Dawn

As a holistic health practitioner and physiotherapist, Dawn Meredith-Davies MSc has a whole-person, integrated approach to helping you find more freedom… Her website – Living Green Health – is a space where she shares positive and natural ideas to fuel optimal movement and health for your most vibrant experience of life. Dawn is also founder of the independent holistic physiotherapy practice Meredith-Davies Physiotherapy.

Dawn originally trained as a physiotherapist, however having been a runner forever, she honed a specialism in movement patterns for running, and teaches the foundations of optimal running form. She also teaches yoga… Dawn’s spent a lifetime immersed in whole-person practices focussing on positive nutrition, acupuncture, Ayurveda and of course our physical and energetic wellbeing, powerfully accessing the integrated elements of mind and body.

The Fitness & Health Coaching is based on Dawn’s model of connectedness, health and training that she has been unfolding and working with for the last 10 years. This is based in down-to-earth, easy to comprehend language with powerful, naturally driven actions which show the results you’re looking for…all with a dose of humour thrown in!


To arrange our initial chat to discuss your coaching, WhatsApp Dawn on +968 9496 1556

Please note that 1-1 coaching places are limited, and when they’re full, they’re full! 


Our Agreement

When you sign up for one of the Packages, you’ll receive a copy of Our Agreement.

It will stipulate that we have agreed to schedule the above mentioned number of Contacts for the duration of the coaching.

By signing up for one of the pay-in-instalment Packages, you are agreeing to honour the subsequent regular payments, as per the details above. These instalments will be invoiced to you at the specified time for payment.

Our Agreement will also indicate Your Guarantee, as above.


Fitness & Health Coaching Oman

Accessible, action-oriented, affordable coaching to support you to an empowered version of health and goal achievement.