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“After having completed (mostly walking) the London marathon with a stress fracture, I knew that something needed to change for my next marathon. At that time I had completed 3 of the six majors and was determined to finish them all.

It was a running friend that introduced me to Dawn and it sounded great: a physiotherapist, who loves running and can coach you to improve your running technique. I have been to several physiotherapist over the years, even met some chiropractors, but Dawn’s approach was different. Dawn first wanted to fully understand who I am, where I was coming from – what are my drives – and where I was heading. Not only physically, but also mentally, so the whole picture. I think that approach, which I absolutely loved, is unique and in the end has made a big impact on me.

“Actually, there has not been much actual physiotherapy as I would expect. I remember leaving the first session with one tip for an small exercise just to be prepared for the Chicago marathon. After stress fracture I only had 6 weeks to train for that race. I was somehow feeling discomfort in my knee, but after doing Dawn’s exercise I was prepared and finished the race without a problem and/or pain.

“After the Chicago marathon we decided to do full package, reviewing & changing running technique, before and after running stretches and some yoga. Although open for change I was at first somehow skeptical whether I could easily change my running style. But Dawn breaks it down piece-by-piece and makes subtle small changes that have big impact. Based on extensive knowledge & experience Dawn passionately and with humor explained in simple words why certain exercises are needed and how that would improve my running.  The ‘catwalk/wiggle’ warm up is actually a great & effective exercise, which also makes your whole family laugh. It is not for the faint-hearted though, especially doing it before a race in front of your competitors, but so be it. So I changed my style, with higher arms, more torso rotation and therefore a much longer stride length. I am no Eliud Kipchoge yet, but heading that direction with Dawn’s help. I practiced hard, put the new running technique in practice and it immediately paid off. Due to longer stride length I was able to easily improve my top speed on long runs from around 4min/km to close to 3:30. But more importantly I have been injury free since I am training with Dawn.

“The training and tips from Dawn have undoubtedly made a big impact on my running, but somehow also positively impacted how I look at certain things, my overall well being, awareness and approach to life (including from a food and drinks/alcohol perspective). I am a numbers & data guy, live and trust the information from my Garmin watch, but Dawn has made me realize that if you carefully listen to your body you actually get the same or even better information.

“Dawn was preparing me for the Tokyo and Boston marathon, but unfortunately these have been postponed. Not ideal, but it will give me more time to be even better prepared next time. As these races were postponed, Dawn coached me for the Muscat half marathon, really made me focus on the race and have my race plan ready. I followed the plan and according to my Garmin equaled my PB of 1:27 ran 13 years ago in Amsterdam (much quicker course). I know I can and will improve on that next year in 2021.

“Training with Dawn has now stopped, still follow yoga and stretching tips, but for sure need a check up later this year for further improvement and to assist with preparation for delayed Boston and Tokyo marathons.”


Sebastiaan de Rooij, Dutch, age 44, runner & happy customer


Thanks so much for your kind words Sebastiaan – it’s been a pleasure to work with you! : )