Getting to the real core of things

How did you get on with the breathing activity last week? If you’d like to go much deeper into the breath, then we have a treat for you later on so keep reading!

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And breathe…


On to today’s exploration to get to the real core of things…

In general, medical information generally goes like this: a popular belief is held among the populous. Slowly, in an evolutionary way, new models and updated versions of ‘what is’ come to light. Those who are revealing more and more of the wonders of the human body and its workings, are generally doing so in their science laboratories, and ‘new information’ of this nature, from this source, will only drip-feed into society.

Especially if it’s controversial new information. Because even in our connected world of the internet, really new information invariably comes to us in piecemeal size pieces, through an unwritten chain of command – and usually from figures of authority first (because we have a tendency to believe certain figures over others – rightly or wrongly!).

It’s also the case that if the new info is controversial it’s likely to go through a whole bout of rejection first off. The ‘I don’t believe it’s come out of the closet to refute the idea, namely because they’re attached to their previous model of ‘what is’. And to a larger degree we’re all like this – attached to what we know, and are comfortable with.

However, a minority few will accept the new and run with it…

Slowly more will latch on, renouncing the old and embracing the ‘new’.

Finally the majority – the general population – will be persuaded to follow suit.

It used to be banded about that ‘new’ ideas take about 20 years to become generally accepted concepts! It takes time to filter through. And often it’s the case that ‘new revelations’ area a complete back-track on a previously accepted ‘given’.


An internet’s worth of confusion!

Clearly the internet has expediated the rate of new info infiltrating society. However, it’s very much the case that in the ever-swifter rate of uploading bits of data, we are now wholly overwhelmed with conflicting information. So what are we really left with other than an internet’s worth of confusing, non-agreeing rhetoric?!

Who knows who or what to believe about anything?!?

So what’s the moral here? (And more to the point, what’s this got to do with working with the core, and running!?) – I think that the moral is that we’re being pushed towards finding our own truth. What is our experience, and what works for us?

Granted we can’t be all-seeing, all-knowing about every matter…but we all have a gut instinct about most things when we sink a little deeper and connect to our inner knowing. If, when we consult with someone ‘knowledgeable’, we then ask ourselves, ‘does this ring true for me?’, and ultimately we’ll be in a much better informed position. Call it critical thinking…

For sure, sometimes we have to try something to find out what we really think – ie. experiential knowledge. For this, some rules of thumb are generally good (applicable to most things, as well as our running!) – if it’s painful, it’s probably not a good idea; if we don’t feel good about it, it probably conflicts with our own personal moral rulebook.

Does it feel easier to us? Then it’s probably a winner on the path of least resistance.

Does it put you in your flow? And does it make you enjoy said activity more?


Finally getting to the core of things!

And in relation to running and the core – do you have a grasp on what your ‘core’ is doing when you’re running? Or what it’s supposed to be doing? Or whether you’re supposed to be thinking about it? Focussing on it? Should you be training ‘it’ in your cross-training? And how?!

Oh so many questions…

Our running can be a fluid, coordinated action of controlled flight. Our body is a mobile entity – supple, flexible and yet it has the capacity to be strong and generate tremendous power.

Our entire structure has the potential to stand up straight, and even to lean while we’re running. But these things are whole body actions, and our ‘core’ is a part of that breathing, moving whole. It’s an integral piece of the running picture.

Our core is connected to our pelvis, which has to move; and to our spine, which has to move; and to our ribs, which have to move; and also to our diaphragm and to our pelvic floor, which also have to move. It – our core – is a part of the continuum which is us. It is not a separate entity, and need not be considered as such.

When all of the moving parts work in conjunction when we’re running, and when understood and accessed appropriately, they will merrily (and easily, and smoothly and powerfully and…) take us where we want to go.

My job is not to tell you what to do, by the way! (Essentially, that’s no one’s job…!)

My job is to show you options* about what might feel better in your body – your running body – and how you can readily access any new solutions for you.

*Based on a jolly good number of years of study, experience and application!

It’s a great exploration.

And although it is about us seeking experiential knowledge, I can tell you that accessing the integral action of the core to powerfully propel our running is an essential element! And it absolutely needs to be strong…and yet mobile!


Your exploration this week

During one of your runs this week, once you’re feeling warmed up and you’ve settled into your groove, ask yourself some questions about your connection to your core –


  • Can you bring your attention to your core? Spend a few moments connecting to the motion of the trunk of your body while you’re running (but without any judgment or comment.


  • Then, how is it moving? Is it moving much? (And whatever you find is perfectly ok!)


  • What if you start to run a little faster – what happens at your core now? Anything more, or less, or different?


  • Slow down to your normal pace and then ask, what is my pelvis doing? Anything, or not much? (Remember, there are no rights or wrongs…)


Once again when we start off with a little awareness, we can go a long way swiftly with creating change…


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With very best wishes for some superb spring running this week…


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