Google’s stab in the dark…

When you’re in a pickle and out of sorts, it is almost futile googling for a solution to your ails, and the reason is this old adage: one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Quite literally, as well.

Priceless information

You see, when Google finds you a wealth of articles to meet your search criteria (whether it’s a physical – body problem, or some internal, ‘systemic’ issue), you end up reading through myriad well-meaning blogs that are the culmination of months, if not years, of trial and error by so and so, and finally, yes, finally!, they’ve got the winning formula… What they wouldn’t have given to be handed this priceless information on a silver platter, many moons ago!

And so, incredibly generous in spirit, they sum up winnings from their almost endless combinations and permutations in their blog, so that you might find a short-cut to end your woes.

Apply this lotion and potion multiple times a day; “avoid this”, “steer well clear of that”, and “be careful how you handle such and such…”. “At all costs, do not do this”. Or that. Or the other…. And you’ll be just fine. It may take six or seven months, but remain committed to the cause, and by jove you will reap the rewards of your endeavours.

Blimey, it sounds exhausting! Not to mention time consuming –  all consuming! – and in truth, not quite how we’re ‘supposed’ to live… In a simple harmony.

I am not, for one minute, dismissing the efforts that the above authors have made! On the contrary – I very much recognise that this has been their voyage of discovery, and the hurdles that they have met are those which they were supposed to meet.


The first reason why it’s unlikely to work for you is because it was their journey.

Now I’m not trying to say that there are no short-cuts. The very opposite, actually, as I come on to my next point why it’s unlikely to work for you.

Avoiding the pickles

And this is because we all manifest our conditions for specific reasons; stresses and strifes affect us in different ways (i.e. we react to stresses and strifes in different ways…). We have different compositions, and we consequently have different needs to keep us balanced…or to get us back on an even keel. Different foods affect us in different ways too. And this is specifically why one man’s meat is another man’s poison and all that.

India’s Ayurvedic system of understanding our body type, helps us phenomenally to understand why, for example, tomatoes and garlic and lemon and chili couldn’t be worse for one person (all of those health foods, you say!?!), and positively aggravating to their symptoms, and yet for another person these might be their saving grace…

It’s not about allergies, it’s not about hypersensitivities. It’s about which foods put you in a state of balance, and which will continue to aggregate your symptoms.

When you’re out of balance…ie. when you’re struggling with symptoms.

Of course, we should all be able to eat all food stuffs, at all times. And yes, when our internal system is firing on all cylinders, yes…

But when we’re in a pickle…you might just want to avoid those pickles!

Rebalancing your system

Ayurveda is alike a short cut. It cuts to the chase, because as a system it recognises your body type, your constitution and consequently what is going to rebalance your system.

And it can do it quickly as well. When you remove the aggravating factors.

And yes, there will be lotions and potions with Ayurvedic treatment, no doubt, but they’re natural. From plants. And in every which way, they will put your system back on track, as it’s meant to be…

It’s always worth going to see a trained practitioner.

It’s like going to visit a physio when you have one of those physical-body isues (pain, usually!). Yes, every man and his dog has had back pain, for example, and they all have an opinion on how to ‘cure it’… It’s not that their advice will not be given with the best of intentions, but it was what worked for them. Why not go and seek the advice of someone who has spent their working life studying and understanding your issue…?

But your body will heal itself when it has the right conditions. And sometimes we have to go on our own journey to find out how to create those conditions… and sometimes there is a short-cut! But that short-cut will very definitely be specific to you; asking someone who has the real tools to help you will expediate the journey.

Rather than Google’s stab in the dark…