Green, green, glorious green

Green has been on my mind for a good long while… It’s such a potent colour; and it has such beneficial ramifications for us….

It’s healing; everything about green is healing. Take the plants from the outside and put them inside, and you’ve got a healthier space to live in and breathe in.

Eat your greens and fill your boots on a synergistic explosion of vitamins and minerals and grow hearty and strong…

Choose your plants carefully and medicinally and heal your ills with them.

Greenery on my mind

The importance of greenery had its first monumental impact on me when we were all dancing like it was 1999 – because it was, and I was living in Mexico at the time. I had an experience of being almost bowled over by a lushness of green leaves and rich green vegetation.

It was such a stark contrast you see…having been literally starved of green and greenery for a period of time while staying and working in the semi-desert in north Mexico, it’s quite startling to feel, not only parched, but also a little arid and just, well, missing something. When your status quo is ‘leafy Warwickshire’, and you live in a dust-covered environment for long enough, you really start to crave the green green fields!

Once I’d finished my job and had a spell of freedom, I took a hop, skip and a jump into the jungle to start my travels. And this is where the green deluge occurred; the overwhelming, almost tangible, mental lift that the visual-feast of big waxy palms and a floor covering of springy lush vegetation produces is awesome. Awesome in the most viscerally shifting sense…

Vibrant, green health

I’ve experiences similar episodes of this contrast on several occasions now during my travels, and it’s become very clear to me why we live on a green planet.

Because green is healing!

(Yes, I know that it’s known as the blue planet, but really, look out of the window at eye level, and tell me what colour you see the most…?).

The natural, vibrant radiance of the plant life that surrounds us (or that we choose to be surrounded by), causes a healing vibration within us.

We’re supposed to consume plants because they provide our vigour and quite possibly our verve as well (and certainly our internal dose of sunlight!)! We’re supposed to use plants as medicine to balance our system*, when it heads off tack, because they’ll work in harmony with our bodies…and not against it.

Vital, green, sustainable

My mission here? To share my knowledge and understanding about choosing a natural, ‘green’ way of living and breathing and moving that’s both sustainable and in harmony with our health and our most vital wellbeing.

I choose to start with how we move** and transcends our breathe and our awareness. It encompasses our relationships with one another, the choices that we make, what we believe and the questions that we’re willing to ask to choose health. Real health – a running, breathing, living green health.

A vital, sustainable green health.

Cheers to the green, and welcome to the website!



*And not synthetic chemicals…

**Yes, health starts with how we move! Come and explore the site further and let me show you how…