Our Interconnected Selves & Healing From Pain

When we’re choosing to work with someone, it’s key to find someone with whom we resonate.

I’ve put together a series of audios for you listen to help you see how I understand the body and our experiences, to see if it resonates for you.

If it does, feel free to contact me for an appointment – dawn@livinggreenhealth.co.uk

Click the links below to listen to the audios in Soundcloud. Each audio is only 3 or 4 minutes long, and if reading rather than listening works better for you, there’s a transcript for each there too. And while you’re there, I have many other publicly available musings for you to peruse and share on my channel as well!


Audio Series

What Causes Our Injuries (AKA Being Out Of Alignment)


Being Energetic Beings (AKA The Body Is An Expression Of The Mind)


The Body Is A Communication System


Coming Back Into Balance


A Witness To Our Healing


Life Is Helping Us To See