Holistic Physiotherapy

I have had the pleasure to attend several physiotherapy sessions with Dawn.

They have been quite different from other physiotherapy sessions I have had, in a very positive way.

These always started with questions from Dawn about the overall situation, not only the present issues, but past issues, other ailments, previous visits, work situation, some personal stuff and some lifestyle questions in general.

Then there was an assessment of the body’s posture and mobility, general and specific, complemented with a statement of reasoning and explanation. This was usually followed by in-depth joint or tissues manipulation, which often triggered some emotional release and there was ample time to “reflect” on the immediate results and go within. The sessions were often accompanied by suggestions on how to improve further through beneficial “homework” exercises / stretches / postures.

The overall outcome has always been positive and very satisfying and I am extremely please with Dawn’s approach. I have felt very much cared for, and the overall product of these sessions in fact exceeded my expectation by far.

I can very much recommend Dawn Meredith-Davies’ Physiotherapy to anyone who is looking to improve one’s health through a holistic and pragmatic, yet emphatic approach.

TK, (German) Muscat