I have a theory…

…that every situation in which we find ourselves, is trying to get us back to a place of balance.

It may not seem like it as we may find ourselves butting up against issues that seem about as far removed from balance as could be! But at other times, if we pay attention, we really will find ourselves sidling-back towards a place of equilibrium…

Cold winters, warm summers

Nature likes balance…it may tip over the edge every once in a while and kick up an almighty fuss with a storm or a tremendous downpour, but afterwards there will be calm – an eerily tangible calm. A calm calmer than usual…as if it’s trying to swing the other way and balance out what was before.

Take a long, cold winter…and invariably you find that a lovely warm summer follows; sometimes we have to take the wide-angle view to see these balances.

I’m back on the spectrum idea again (see the previous article about this here), but allow me to explain further…

I believe that there is a balance within all of the forces that influence our lives… Take our relationships for instance – his ‘masculine’ traits may balance her ‘feminine’ traits (or vice versa of course!), and therein is the middle path.

Deep pain, expansive joy

If we sway too much in one direction, we’ll certainly be brought back in an equal and opposite, opposing direction. Like a pendulum…it’s simple physics.

Deep pain is often balanced out with expansive joy. A dip is usually met with a flutter.

We seem to be eternally spending our lives being influenced in one direction and then the other. In order to keep us in balance.

After we exercise, we must rest – and generally speaking, in equal measure. (And if it’s not balanced out in the short term…it will usually be enforced in the longer term, and sometimes with the lead-weight of illness.)

How far do you want to go?

Of course, sometimes it may not feel like we’re being held in a kind of balance… So if something is not ‘going your way’, know that in the future that there will be a swinging of the pendulum back in your favour – it’s just how nature likes to balance things!

What we really have a choice over is whether we ease towards balance, or whether we put up a fight, reject it, push against it and head in the other direction… Either way, forces will act in order to bring the overall weighing scales of the energy of things back towards the centre, towards the middle-ground.

I guess that if we see this pattern in our choices and our interactions, then we have a greater assuredness that no matter how far to the extremes we go in any one direction along a spectrum, life will find a way of balancing it out in the other direction…

How’s your balancing act going?