Infinite Interconnectedness

When we get really quiet we can see it clearly. We can ‘see’ – or at least perceive – the expansiveness of our interconnectedness.

Actually, it shouldn’t even take much to re-cognise it – to be become cognisant of it, again – because we already know it. However, it has been well covered, well hidden and pushed out of view, in preference for the mission of separation; the idea of the ‘individual’…

We know the interconnectedness of everything. (And hint, it looks like every thought that has ever crossed your mind….)


Our inherent interconnectedness

But in order to bring our knowing of our inherent interconnectedness to the surface so that we can re-member it more clearly, this is a little of what it looks like:

There is no-thing that you can bring to mind which has no pre-existing reference point. Meaning, no-thing exists in isolation; we can only ever have a perception of some-thing against something else, or someone else.

Everything only exists in reference to everything else. It cannot be if it is not referenced against something else.

Everything that ever was or ever will be arises mutually. You cannot know, feel, see or touch a thing without being intrinsically linked to that thing…

We are inseparably linked to everything that we see and experience.

And it’s not just 3-dimensional vision that we’re talking about – although our basic understanding lies on this level – oh, that chair leg is butting up against to that table; in perspective. No sunlight, no shadow; no shadow, no sunlight..

But everything that exists in our experience only has a reference point in our experience because we form a connection with it.

No connection = no thing; nothing.

We all exist in reference to one another, and only in reference to one another. All of everything is inseparable.

And this is what is meant when it is said that ‘we are one’. There are other way to intellectualise this (at the core level all atoms are the same, as an example), but the easiest form to understand that we are an expression of the same essence, I find, is to comprehend – or realise – that they only ever arise mutually…

No-thing exists in isolation. However much they try and keep you locked in your ‘separate’ homes.

That we innately understand the interconnectedness of everything – the seemingly impossibly complex levels of interwoven essence – and then we choose to honour the sacredness of that assertion, then this has to give rise to (on a deep level) that any harm we inflict on anyone, or any thing else, we inflict upon ourselves.

We only have a reference point for that harm or that pointed comment, or that pain as a function of how we harm, mutually harms us. These events arise mutually.

And yet we perceive of some sort of separateness through which we have endeavoured to justified our harm action or thought.

(NB – this was written prior to the latest racial incident. Words escape me how missing this basic comprehension is…perhaps herein lies our route to healing.)


The quantum space

There are quantum undertones to this mutually arising nature of our existence, in that all possibilities are available at all times… Until we observe, or perceive a thing occurring; it is us, the observer who determines the outcome of the thing – until the moment of our observation, all possibilities continue to be, well, possible. It is at the point on observation that we’ve dictated the direction of the endless possibilities and focussed it into one. That we arise mutually is the natural extension for us to wholly comprehend our experience.




I’ve talked about our inseparableness before here . How, on the material level every item that finds its way to you has a story that connects umpteen different people, and an infinitesimal number of layers of complexity that we cannot begin to fathom.

The complexity of the web of our interconnectedness is stunning.

That our ‘separateness’ is perceived over our inseparableness, seems almost unfathomable. And yet there it is – a part of the illusion of our separate lives is that we are living separate lives.


Photo by Martino Pietropoli