Is there space…?

How much space is there in your life?

Is there space in your day just to breathe…?

Is there a space – a pause – at the end of each breath?! At the end of the inhale…and at the end of the exhale…?


Is there an outside space that you escape to regularly? A space to stop and connect with nature’s presence…

Is there a space in your house to unroll your mat…in order to create space in your body!?

Is there space in your wardrobe for the air to circulate, to keep things fresh? And is there space for new things to come, when needed?


Is there space in your relationships, to keep them fresh too?!

And is there space in your life for someone new…if that’s what you desire? Maybe a man or a woman, maybe a baby, or even a puppy… If there’s no space, they won’t be able to fill it.


Is there space in your run or your walk to notice your body moving. Just to notice. Not to change anything, just to watch from the inside, how it moves.

Not distracted my music, or endless fretting, or pushing yourself further and faster…just being there in the run, connected to your body and in reverence to the ways in which it moves…in space.

Is there space in your schedule for spontaneity and unplanned adventures that might lead you to somewhere…spacious!?

Is there space for creativity – for doodling, for strumming the guitar, for…colouring in!?!


Is there space in your head for clear, creative thoughts to arise…? Or is it jam-packed full of…stuff?

Because without space…nothing new can grow, blossom and bear fruit. It’s true for the plants, and it’s true in our lives…

Without space to stop and notice, we miss the connections – to ourselves, to nature, to the sounds and the sights…to the aliveness everywhere around us and within us.

Without space we miss the opportunity to be with ourselves…


Is there a space, at times, behind your thoughts for just…being?

For being quiet and for being still. And for connecting to what you notice right now. No planning, no reminiscing, no worrying, no regretting….just being here.

Right now. Space to be here in this space, in this present moment.

Is there space in your life for being, human?



Inspired by the wonderful Ekhart Tolle, with thanks.