Let Your Imagination Go Wild!

Imagine what you could achieve if you worked powerfully with someone towards your goal? You know, on a one-to-one basis…?

Someone who had in-depth knowledge of injury prevention and strengthening tools to keep you optimally fit and physically happy…

Someone who has motivational tactics coming out of their ears for you to glean and powerfully apply…

Someone who will not only be your biggest champion, but will not allow old excuses to hold you back; someone who can empathetically and compassionately guide you to reframe your tales into personalised messages of motivation…

And someone who has in-depth experience of building up progressive plans over and again to meet the goal at hand.

Just imagine that feeling of reaching your target….


Meaningfully reaching your target

And what if it wasn’t silly expensive to have all of this on-hand? And that yes! You do deserve to have the support of someone –

  • to back up the whole way and to keep you caringly on track!
  • to organise a progressive, achievable and most importantly, fun schedule in order to free up your mental energy drain so that you can Just. Get. On. With. It!
  • to guide you compassionately, yet purposefully, to overcome your personal sticking blocks to ‘getting there’
  • and to help you powerfully to reframe any old stories into exceptionally motivating tales instead…

So that you can meaningfully reach your target – your specific fitness or health goal.


Realising your dreams

All of this is possible if you’re committed to achieving a fitness or health goal over the coming season because I’m opening the doors for the very first time to work with me 1-1 outside of the clinic!


Whole-Person Fitness & Health Coaching

The new Whole-Person Fitness & Health Coaching is one-to-one guidance and whole-person support to your physical and wellbeing goals.

You will be –

  • Wholly championed by a holistic health practitioner and physiotherapist to optimise your energy expenditure and capitalise on focusing on what your heart desires


  • Guided to reach depths of yourself that you didn’t know were possible


  • Overcome your own personal hurdles to purposefully achieve your goals


  • Having a lot of fun working towards your goal with someone who’s following your journey step by step…


  • And you’ll learn so much that you didn’t know that you didn’t know…


…by exploring the wealth of interconnected areas of life which relate to you achieving your goal – the physical self and exercise, your optimal energy expenditure for your profile, as well as nourishment and daily essentials and perhaps most importantly, mindset, motivation and awareness.


FREE 30-minutes Exploratory Call

If you’re committed to a health or fitness goal this season, booking onto the one-to-one coaching packages is only available until 30th September, and places will be limited!

Of course, you need to find out if the coaching is for you… That’s why I’m offering a FREE 30-minute Exploratory Call during September, so that we can get crystal clear on what you’re aiming to achieve.


Book Your Exploratory Call Here and Find Out All About The Coaching Here


Whole-Person Fitness & Health Coaching – Supporting You To Your Physical And Wellbeing Goals.

Radically reveal your greatest capacity…


Ps. Photo – Surf Monument, Nazare, Portugal…home of the world record wave and big wave riding! By Dawn Meredith-Davies