Our Privacy Policy

The Living Green Health Privacy Policy

Living Green Health* respects your privacy, and we need to inform you how we collect your data and how we process and keep it secure.

* Living Green Health encompasses Dawn Meredith-Davies, Meredith-Davies Physiotherapy, Green Health Events, Farmhouse Five and the Flowing Core PhysioYoga, and will be known as we (or ‘us’ or ‘our’).

Different entities under the Living Green Health umbrella deal with data in different ways – below we’ve been as transparent as possible to let you know how this information is used.

Our relationship with you – our customer – is most valuable to us.  Our aim is to respect that relationship, and as such we will never sell your data to third parties, or using it for purposes other than those you have consented to.

Your Data

Your data covers any information that can identify you, such as your name and email address. Sensitive Data is information such as any medical information that you provide to Living Green Health.

Processing Your Data

Living Green Health ‘processes’ your data either by collecting it, storing it or using it to contact you about our products, services and offers. We use an email marketing service (‘Mailchimp’) for the collection and storage of data on our behalf.

Providing Contact Details

When you sign up to ‘Staying Connected’ weekly newsletter via the Living Green Health website, you give your consent for us to process your data in the above way.

If you have provided your data through the Farmhouse Five website, this information is also stored with our email marketing provider, so that we can contact with forthcoming race details. If you have entered a Green Health Event (including the Farmhouse Five), we collect that information (from ‘RunBritain’ or via ‘Eventbrite’) and also store the data in the email marketing provider. Signing up to an event with Green Health Events provides consent for us to process your data in this way.

Purchasing Products from Living Green Health

If you have purchased a product from Living Green Health, or interact with our services, you will have entered into a contract with us to process your data. If you create a Living Green Health Account, your data will be stored within the online ecommerce package (‘Easy Digital Downloads’). No other party will have access to your data when you set up an account with us.

If you’re are asked to submit sensitive data (for the purpose of completing a product with us), this information will be stored within a secure cloud-based file storage system. Sensitive data held on record for physiotherapy purposes will be held on record for a period of 8 years, in compliance with the Health Care Professions Council legal requirements. It will then be deleted.

Any video footage will be stored within a secure cloud-based file storage system for a period of 28 days, and then deleted.

Processing Payments 

Any payments made to Living Green Health occur through separate ecommerce providers (either ‘Paypal’). None of your financial data is dealt with directly on the Living Green Health website.

Your Control

You have the right to manage your data. This means that you can subscribe from receiving emails about our products, services and offers by unsubscribing from the email marketing provider. Details on how to do this are provided on every newsletter email you receive. Unsubscribing from receiving our emails does not preclude you from signing up again in the future.

Using Cookies

Like most websites, we use cookies to improve your experience on Living Green Health and to analyse traffic to our site.

A cookie is a text file which is sent to your browser and stored there, enabling the web server to recognise your computer when you come back to visit us. We use cookies when we collect website usage data (via Google Analytics), so that we can improve the site and refine our content so that it’s more in line with what our visitors spend time viewing here.

For everyday, anonymous access to Living Green Health, the website does not capture or store personal information, but simply logs the user’s IP address that is automatically recognised by the web server. We do not share this information with any third party.

By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

General Audience

Our products and services are for a general audience and if a person under the age of 13 wishes to use one of our products we will first gain parental consent. We do not knowingly collect data which could be used to for identification purposes from those under this age.

Making Changes

If we make changes to this Privacy Policy, we will do so here. If we make any changes to our operation which directly affect you, we will inform you about these in writing.


If you have any queries about the Living Green Health Privacy Policy, please contact us on dawn@livinggreenhealth.co.uk