Love Is Like A Butterfly

There have been so many butterflies here in recent weeks! A cool winter, the rains, lots of lovely new vegetation and they’re everywhere! Hundreds of them fluttering around up in hills, around abouts in town, even down by the beach…


Soft wings in flight

I love a butterfly-moment. The moment when a butterfly flutters by and there’s the opportunity to stop. To take the moment to notice…

A moment to bring yourself back into the present and watch it on its haphazard flitting merry way – its flight caught by a breath of wind, or making a ‘beeline’ for a flower, or chasing a mate…


That’s what the butterfly symbolises, of course, and we are at a point of metamorphosis.

We’re currently being colourfully surrounded by their delicately gentle, beautiful and decorative soft wings in flight…

But you’ll also have noticed there’s disease all around us too.

If you reflect for a moment though, there’s been a lot dis-ease all around us and for a good long while. It’s just that it’s usually well-hidden, and now in a different guise – as a wildfire disease – it’s come up to the surface…

…to help us with the metamorphosis.


That rare and gentle feeling

No doubt, we’re all feeling a little bit uncomfortable right now.

The discomfort may range from the hassle of changing plans, to being restricted where you may travel…to will you get back to your loved ones, will there be enough food (an enduring question for many prior to this current situation, one might note), and potentially, to will I see my loved ones again…? Not to forget the very real pain of loss.

And yet we’re all experiencing some level of this abrupt interruption because collectively we need this wake-up call that how we’ve been living is a contributory factor to the rapid spread of a virulent contagion. And that how we’ve been living has been full of dis-ease. A dis-harmony within ourselves; a dis-connect from our humanity…

Our previously, highly-separated lives fuelled by corporate individualism and getting-ahead competition. It’s pretty ugly when it’s described like that, isn’t it?

So’s the current situation. And it’s a reflection back to us of how we’ve been living our lives.

The fear and worry which have been spreading equally as rapidly via the quickfire and at times even more toxic media, is here to be transcended. We are being asked to breathe deeply to transform the fear into faith; into right, love-oriented action.

Yes there is sadness in the air, and yet in all of this there’s so much beauty unfolding all around us… A wonderful, awe-inspiring beauty countering the fear (and in much greater parts as well!). And it’s not just the butterflies! It’s finding form in people giving – kindness, generosity, love-driven collaborative actions…those offering free online this and that and the other, people sharing resources, others offering the kindest of community-spirited help and support.

All of that love and consideration is finding its way through and beyond the dearth, to unfolding a new sense of being together. Honest, open cooperation is gently required as we navigate the swiftly changing circumstances together. Peacefully. Harmoniously. Let it be the new norm…

And herein is the metamorphosis.


The multicoloured moods of love

The greater truth is that we all share the same breath. It is no surprise that this wake-up has come as an airborne creature…to highlight the depths of our interconnectedness.

Spreading, not in malice, but in the same breath as that which sweeps up the butterfly; as soft and gentle as a sigh…

We all share the same breath; we are intrinsically connected by the air that we share. No one is better than their neighbour here, we are each the same. And a breath-bound toxic agent is a fine leveller for each of us.

But we are also connected by the thoughts between us and energy that we send out.

There is an irony that we’re being advised to separate and isolate ourselves, although this in itself is of course an act of compassion. However, hasn’t our society become isolated enough? Isn’t this a stark reflection back to us of the sorry state that our society is in..?

What if we came together and pooled our collective thoughts and prayers and sent our collective love and protective energy fields to bolster our collective immune system? (Not to mention the earth’s immune system from the perpetual abuse that we’ve been bombarding it…)

Sounds like hocus-pocus, right? But there’s evidence to this…check out the Maharishi effect if you need to hear the ‘science’…

We are in this together. All of us. The metamorphosis is our awakening to a new level of togetherness; it is the waking up to our connectedness. This episode is the shedding of the restrictive chrysalis in which we’ve been living, blinkering us from the potential beauty that lies in the shape of us honouring our connectedness; our unequivocal shared experience. The unfolding of heartfelt moments of extending ourselves beyond ourselves to those who are suffering is the unfolding of those beautiful, delicately decorated butterflies with their satin wings…

Let these multicoloured moods of love not be as rare and gentle or as fleeting as the butterfly though.


Everyday is spring time

The global situation is demanding that we slow down. It’s requiring us to take some time out from the constant merry-go-round…and become quiet. Collectively. To re-evaluate, collectively, and to focus on what collectively matters.

And you never know, we might just collectively like it.

We might just ponder on what’s ultimately important…

Our health, and living a life that’s removed from this manic stressful living. Nourishing our immune system with positive practices. Unity rather than overarching individualism. Being with our loved ones. Connecting to and looking out for our neighbours.

It’s questioning whether we really should be flying off around the world on a whim. Just because we can. (But should we?) Should we be stopping and considering the consequences of our actions a little more before booking…? (And not in case we succumb to the bug, but because our actions have consequences to the planet upon which we live.)

And should we not consider spending more time fully experiencing the right here, right now…rather than scheduling up our time for months in advance? Taking that moment to stop and be with the butterfly…

Or simply to connecting to our family and loved ones in the very same room – while they’re still in the room – instead of being caught up and distracted by all and sundry during every waking moment. Perhaps this is a golden opportunity to spend this imposed quiet time pondering on who’s important and connecting, if only via those energetic thought waves…

And yet most of all, this episode is asking us to clean up our act. Not just by washing our hands. But by deeply cleansing the detritus that’s in every forgotten nook and cranny. Within us as well as without… Not just in the (also desperately needed) litter-picks – those too – but by cleaning up our internal thoughts, actions and responses.

Loving our neighbours as we would wish to be loved – and not by giving the ‘wide-berth of fear’, but by caring enough to keep a distance, by extending our compassion and generosity out to those who are suffering. Because we’re all suffering from this previous way of living…aren’t we?

We will come through this – together – we will mourn our losses together and afterwards, together, we will uncurl into a spring of aliveness…

Don’t we have a choice, though, to awaken every day to the freshness and beauty akin to a vital spring morning…and to choose to perpetuate this generous collaboration and connectedness?


Daffodils and butterflies

And yet we’re a little bit wary, aren’t we. We’re not sure if we can stand too close, or should we hold our breathe as we pass on by? We make a beeline like the butterfly once we’ve chatted, but rather than to drink in a flower’s nectar…it’s to head to the loos to wash our hands.

It’s going to take time to trust this new way of being. Because deeply trusting our neighbour has been so alien to our recent way of life. In many ways we’ve had no reason to come together. In this generation, there’s been no need to ‘rally behind the troops’, no need to ‘muck in together’… Until now. This is our course-correct; we’ve been so swept up in our own lives.

Our neighbourliness has also subtly, slyly been marketed out of us. One-up-man-ship has been king, yet everyone is equal in the realm of a virus on the loose.

Perhaps it’s nature’s way of rebalancing…of inducing the metamorphosis?

Any which way it has come about, it’s unfolding so that we can course-correct and get ourselves, together, onto a heartful path. We’re all potentially exposed to the opportunity to slow down, to come ‘back’ to the right here, right now moment to stop living in the future with plans up to our eyeballs…and to reconsider what’s really important, and to extend our love and resources to those who are vulnerable and to those who are poorly, and to reach out to those who are truly living in isolation in this culture.

This is the shift into truly heart-driven living that our civilisation is craving. Not just craving actually – but in desperate need of…for our real health as a society, for breaking down the deep isolation of our current model, and for the collective health of our planet. This enforced shift in gears – the slowing down, the breathing, the connecting (even in our separateness), the unlocking of our hearts, the giving and sharing (not of the bugs, I don’t mean!), the heartfelt consideration to all of our equals, to all of our fellow humans in our community, in our country, across the waters and over land – this is the unfolding of a new era of being and loving and truly caring for one another.

Life has a canny way of unfolding to offer us just the right conditions for our growth. Daffodils and butterflies? Here’s to those rare and gentle things with their soft wings in flight…


(Unashamedly a Dolly fan by the way…. Here’s a link for a dose of Butterfly Love


Photo credit to Karina Vorozheeva