Metaphor For Life

I sometimes ask myself why teaching running is so important…

I mean, on the list of important things in life, running seems to pale into insignificance, right?

Or does it? What if your running journey is simply a metaphor for overcoming hurdles in other parts of our lives.

Relationship issues, past pains, big disappointments…

What if, the mental battles that running provides (which are a-plenty!) and that we overcome, are a perfect parallel to our real-life and the ‘serious’ ones? And what if, overcoming our running hurdles fuels our confidence to tackle those big picture ones…

This is how I see it in any case.

Loving our running body

What if, running’s physical issues – and let’s face it, running loves to bring up physical issues for us, what with all of its repetition and ‘pounding’ – are a mirror of what we need to learn about ourselves (and always at just the right time!). However frustrating the journey may be…(and because the journey can be frustrating!)

Our running body is more than just an entity to house in Lycra! It’s a gently shifting, receptive and responsive home. We literally can’t run away from it, we have to learn to work with it…within it.

Loving ourselves in our running body is about loving ourselves!

(And it’s not about wobbly bits…it’s about the bit inside the wobbly bits…)


Softening and letting go…

Running can teach us to soften. It can teach us to let go, to be less harsh on ourselves, to show aspects of ourselves that we didn’t know about – such as, how much greater our potential really is? How much more we have in the tank…?!

Or maybe running is there to teach us how we only ever have to put one foot in front of the other to get where we want to go…

These are the merits I see from running…and why running is so very very helpful, important to learn the ins and outs (and therefore important to teach!).

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