The Movement Analysis Sessions

Is your running frustrating you? Or are you carrying running-related niggles around with you?

Have you been running for a while and are not making as much progress as you feel you could (and that your friends seem to be making!)?

Have you got your eye on a target…a PB that you’re chasing? And it’s staying firmly beyond reach?! Or maybe you’re keen to get higher up the race finishers list (and training harder and harder left you injured last time!)?

Would you love to have a running specialist take a proper look at your running form, and support you to create changes to help you to unleash more of your potential?


The Movement Analysis Sessions

The Movement Analysis sessions help you to run more efficiently and effectively, and to break the injury cycle by making positive, supported changes to your running technique.

The sessions help you release more of your untapped power and speed in your running, and in doing so help to find freedom and ease.


“The advice and recommendations instantly gave results – loads of great stuff to take away. Would recommend this to everyone!” JW, British


What are the Movement Analysis sessions?

The Movement Analysis sessions are a 2-part 1-1 analysis of your running with running movement specialist Dawn Meredith-Davies.  But your don’t just get an overview of what you do while you’re running…Dawn guides you through a series of adjustments to your running which will result in –

  • Feeling that your running is smoother
  • Sensing that your niggles are no longer an issue
  • Knowing that your running is more powerful


We take video of you running and you’ll get individual feedback on your running techinque, looking at different elements of your running form and movement patterns. And then Dawn will guide you step by step through some outdoor running activities, which show you ways in which you could progressively release more from your running.

Following on from the analysis, Dawn suggests some specific and personalised physiotherapy-based exercises to do indoors, which will complement and support the running activities and powerfully assist you incorporating the movement patterns into your body.

The sessions are typically spaced about 2-3 weeks, but this timeframe isn’t set in stone.


The Benefits

By working with 1-1 with you and your running, I can understanding your movement patterns and –

  • ascertain why you’re getting your physical issues and injuries
  • facilitate a piecemeal approach to creating some changes in your technique and
  • support these with positive physiotherapy-based activities


The upshot being:

– By the end of the sessions, you will understand how to run more easily, more efficiently and more effectively, by connecting you with your running in an impactful way.

– You will receive detailed feedback, as well as tailored activities which build from session to session to address your specific running problems. You will understand where any sticking blocks lie, and how to create change to release them.

– Making your PB goals possible.

– Eliminating your running related niggles.

– Enabling you to start taking leaps and bounds – literally! – to really target that particular race.

– By adding a great big dose of umph back into your running!


“The outdoor sessions showed me how small changes in form can dramatically change my running whereas the indoor sessions gave me some really useful exercises to increase my mobility. Thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.” CA


Who are the Movement Analysis sessions for?

These sessions are ideal for you if –

  • You no longer consider yourself a ‘beginner runner’.

(If you’re a beginner runner, I have a better program for you – it’s called Accessing Running Magic – see * below!)

  • You’re keen to see improvements by trying out some ideas that may be new to you. Some may be slightly challenging, but they all a fun exploration (and we learn the most when we overcome something that we once found difficult…).
  • You’re eager to know (and ideally, implement) some individually-chosen physiotherapy-based exercises which will help you make the best progress possible.
  • You have a sense of exploration, an inquisitiveness about how to you best make improvements for yourself and you’re motivated to try out the suggestions in your own time.
  • You don’t have to be running marathons (or even desire to!), but you will want to be able to run continuously for a few miles.
  • And you’re dying to work with a running-movement specialist physiotherapist runner!


If you are none of the above, it’s possible that the Movement Analysis Sessions won’t serve you as best they could. And in that case, someone else may offer a better fit for what you’re looking for.


* Beginner Runners:

If you’re at the beginning of your running journey, the Accessing Running Magic 5-week course may well suit you better. It’s a brilliantly-supported group course, which is also bags of fun, learning and motivation! It’s just different and targets a different stage of your running career.

(Do that one, and then do this one later! ; )


“A very useful exercise – something I have never had before. Am sure all runners could benefit.” BR, British


But really, you receive so much more than that…

– Individual, in-depth consultation about your running from a physiotherapist who has spent a decade understanding movement and specialising in natural running…

– Progressive, structured shifts to explore and incorporate into your running. You will get to keep written and visual explanations of all of the exercises to go over and over for good…

– Tailored input and personal feedback by email.


Sitting on the fence? Here are some kind words from some previous clients

If you’re unsure whether investing in the knowledge, understanding and tools to help you make your running easier, more powerful as well as less prone to injury, is for you, then take a look at what some previous clients had to say…

“The Movement Analysis Sessions were very useful. In the last one, I could feel a much greater freedom in my running, as if suddenly an old sputtering engine started hitting on all cylinders. It was a fantastic moment! I hope to generalize that feeling over the coming months, as I focus on the points that were identified in the sessions.

“No matter how good a runner you are, you can always improve. The best way to do that is to have someone give an informed and objective evaluation of your form, and then give precise suggestions on how to remedy any shortcomings.

“The Movement Analysis Sessions provide that evaluation and feedback in a positive and non-threatening way. The emails were very clear and helpful. It was obvious that they were the result of serious thought and analysis.” BH, Kiwi



“Thank you so much – I greatly value the time you spent with me! Thank you so so much for all this information – loads to take in and read – all very exciting and feels so productive!” JC, Japanese


Why Work With Dawn?

Why I believe I’m particularly well suited to providing 1-1 Movement Analysis is because I can see where you move, how you move and where you’re not moving, and how this translates into how you are under-accessed power or over-expended energy.

With my years of studying and practicing natural running, and with my physiotherapy tools and understanding of movement patterns, I’m able to help you – facilitate for you to access more powerful, easier and pain-free running.

I’ve done so many many times with runners of every age, base level of fitness, experience, speed and gender…

If you have any further queries about the sessions, please don’t hesitate to email

It would be a delight to work with you.

Many best wishes



“Excellent course. Dawn is incredibly knowledgeable and imparts her knowledge in a clear & easy to understand & digest format. Can’t wait to put my new learnt techniques into action.”