When our bodies are able to move fully and freely, all of our systems – internal and external – will be in harmony.

Movement heals…




The Breath

The breath is everything.

It gives us life. It gives us movement. It will clear a foggy head.  It makes everything fresh again.

It will calm us when we’re anxious. It will rejuvenate us when our energy is spent. It will allow our muscles to relax.

It will allow us to expand, where once we were restricted. It will allow us to branch out, and be daring.

It will give excitement, where once there was fear.

The breath will give us healing.

In the absence of breath, when no air is moving, we have death. We are static. Perhaps stagnant. We live in a blur, with a racing heart and constant fatigue. Our muscles will be shortened, and achy and stiff and limited. It will keep us confined, potential under-utilised.

There may be pain.

Of course, we’re doing it all the time – breathing.

But are we really? Are we really breathing, and really living?

Or are we just existing…and just getting enough, breath?



It’s not simply food and fluid.

It’s what we’re listening to; what we’re watching, with whom we’re spending our time. How we’re spending our ‘free’ time.

It’s about the choices that we’re making and the impact that they have on our body, subtly (our subtle body…)

Do they ‘fill us up’? Deeply satisfy us? Are they are truly nourishing…?

Are we nourishing ourselves individually?

And collectively?




Singing, dancing, yoga.


Writing, drawing, painting, pottery, prose…percussion, photography, cinematography, needlecraft, music making, gardening…

Choose your medium.

Externalise your inner self.

For yourself.

For others…



Beyond our internal needs, we need connection and community above all else. People with whom to share. People with whom to love and laugh, with whom to cry and grieve.

People to accept us, and to challenge us.

People to encourage us…to champion us, but to make us accountable when we get carried away with ourselves.

We need connection to feel understood – mutual understanding – and to help us all to grow.

We need community to help raise our children, and to help them to grow.


Further to our internal needs, we need connection and community above all else because this collective space beyond ourselves is what life is all about.