On What Are We Going To Focus?


The year has been fraught with options being taken away from us. And yet, as with every restriction ever imposed ‘upon’ us, does this not only serve to highlight the areas in which we truly – and always – have choices…?

We have choices as to what we think about, what we focus our attention on, with whom we share, how we regard others opinions and how we process the situations that arise in our lives.

We’re greeted with choices every single day – if indeed we look for them.

We may have been accustomed to making ‘big’ choices in a ‘free’ world: where we want to holiday next, how often we jump in the car and to wherever…

And yet the circumstances of the year have brought us back to the ‘smaller’ choices, and necessarily focused our attention on what is actually much more meaningful. We’ve been required to consider, ‘do we need to make that journey?’…and not because there’s some pernicious ‘virus’ ‘out there’, but because we really have, collectively, needed to start considering the consequences of our actions! And this is what’s really been imposed upon us en masse…(and not by the presiding ‘government’, but by nature, by life and our interaction with her…)

We’ve been asked to become conscious in our actions. We’ve been asked to consider deeply the consequences of our nigh-on glutinous, needless consumerism and the impact on the earth upon which we depend…

Soon enough we will be asked to more consciously consider whether we are prepared for our agency to be determined by others… Whether we’re really prepared to accept this top-down oppression; whether we’re prepared to have others determine who we hug and how far apart we stand. Are we prepared to continue to give away our agency over such important aspects of a meaningful life?

As the lunacy in these ‘regulations’ perpetuates, we are making choices: but are we choosing to ignore the idiocy, choosing to re-assert the autonomy over the interactions of our choosing…? Choosing to protect those that we love, by being with them, not by being apart from them…? (Or are we bowing down dutifully to those who deem to have our ‘best interests’ at heart….???????)

Learning the power in making such choices this year is just the training ground; we will be required to step up into this power with increasing amounts of decisiveness and possibly urgency. Being prepared is always settling to the internal state…


What do we focus on now?

Our individual trials and tribulations this year have asked us to powerfully consider not only the sustainability in regard to the earth, but also the sustainability within our relationships, our careers, our modus operandi…and our priorities.

The quiet of the year has brought these (often, often times) painful realisations to a head… To be broached. To be dealt with, processed, and ultimately healed from…

We’ve been making choices all year, in a very different way to usual – in our internal worlds far more that our external one.

The choice we now have is what are we going to focus upon from here on out? Where are we going to focus our attention, our time, our energy and resources?


What do you want to unfold?

Having had the gift of time and space to deal with our personal circumstances this year, we must now turn our attention to what consumes our time and space going forward.

We could continue to be sucked into the tit-for-tat of the political shambles…becoming angry (or worse, apathetic) to the controlling efforts and manipulations and their intentions to roll-out mass intrusive ‘medical’ measures…all the while stripping people of their livelihoods.

And maybe we ought to harness the collective voice, but not through anger because where does that choice take us? Further into the mire…? More deeply engrained in powerlessness? Groundless in the ever-shifting, deliberately unsettling and oh-so confusing and alienating rules and regulations…? A shell of all that we previously believed about ourselves and our society (that it is inherently safe and that we are healthy by default…).

Yes, stepping up to the mark – and together – seems a likely requirement, soon enough, but with collected, calm, purposeful action…always more powerful and with far more gravitas.


Different choices

But first, couldn’t we re-affirm choices on a deeper level, and most pertinently for ourselves?

Couldn’t we focus our attention on practices which nourish and nurture (rather than destroy and consume)? Couldn’t we actively prioritise what we sense is wholly more sustainable and for the longer term?

Can’t we re-commit to compassionately interacting with others with respect to their belief systems, their set of circumstances (to which we may be ab-sol-utely oblivious…) and the choice points that they have made…?

Can we expand ourselves so powerfully – internally, and in our closest relationships – that we can envision society – communities – which function together for the greater good of the masses, as well as the earth. And can we hold them in such faith that it allows – enables, indeed those visions to come to fruition…? Taking right actions to ensure that they unfold…

Can we put our focus on a culture which actually promotes health (and our natural, default setting!) through supportive policies (free from agenda-based, money-making propaganda) and literally from the ground up…!?

Can we shift our attention to using our available time and energy resources into bringing ourselves together more and multi-generationally, not being separated, isolated, lonely, depressed and succumbing to the grave cultural dis-eases induced by toxicity, stark inequality, fear and deficiency of opportunity and nutritional resources.


Collective fingertips

We have all of the potential in our fingertips…individually, and then collectively. We have the choice to start holding a better vision for the collective. Individual healing has necessarily been our focus this year – what a rare opportunity to have been partisan to this pause moment, this course-correct and re-assimilation of our cultural priorities.

That change happens is inevitable. It is with us at all times…(we just often fail to notice it…or perhaps to take notice).

We have an extraordinary opportunity to embrace even more change – for change is desperately required; surely we can see this clearly now? – and not out of the reactivity of anger, but out of a considered proactive, positive and purposeful choices which contribute to it unfolding…

This is our choice, and herein lies our power (that no-one can manipulate or take away…).