Overcoming Our Polarised Division

It is possible that the polarised division between people will grow yet further as a result of this pandemic episode.

Because there are those who would, already, write off everybody’s bodily autonomy in order that they might ‘feel safe’, and those who ardently refuse to be mandated a ‘vaccine’ for this there-is-no-consensus-on-the-severity virus.

And who’s right?

Both, I’d argue. (Although I actually don’t wish to argue…) Those who wish to be injected with who knows what straight into their blood stream  – forever after – should be allowed to, and those who value the integrity of their wholeness must be allowed to preserve that too.

Fundamentally, we have to co-operate. Rather than mean that we ought to all tow the (increasingly dubious) party-line, but that we operate together, among one another. We may choose to not live together, but there is space for everyone.

A gross part of the issue, and has been for a long long long time, is over judgement.

We judge others left right and centre.

‘Ooh, can you believe…?’, ‘Did he really…?’

We’re right, and they’re wrong – over and over again.

But don’t we actually all want the same thing, ultimately? And doesn’t that look like some form of harmony? (Or maybe not? Maybe there are some who wish to perpetuate a level of disharmony in their lives…and that’s their prerogative too. Those who they affect must choose to stay and put up with the consequences, or leave and opt for a different path.)

But for those who are keen on harmony, it’s going to take two big things to occur for this to unfold.


One – Responsibility

One, harmony is going to required that we all take responsibility for our own space. That’s all – just our own space. That really means not side-lining our responsibility onto ‘governmental’ figures, nor that we distribute blame. Taking 100% responsibility requires that we care about what we do and how we do it – from how we care for our body, what we do with our waste, to how we treat those around us.

It also means taking a deep look at what it means to each of us to feel ‘safe’. Because nothing external can provide our sense of security. And if we look for something external to create this for us, then in one fell swoop we’ve just reneged on our responsibility.

Ultimately these concepts lend themselves towards local authority. I don’t mean like our current local authorities, as subsets of government, I mean, locally-derived autonomous entities. De-centralised.


Two – Respect

Two, harmony is going to require that in whatever shape or form our future takes, we respect the differences between us.

The latest ‘war on X’ will not be going away anytime soon. (Note that ‘X’ has slyly shifted over our recent history from drugs, to cancer, to terrorists…to our new latest ‘enemy’.)

And some of us have had enough of all of the never-ending masculine-oriented war chat – it’s tiring, we can see through it now as plain as day that it’s all a money-making ruse and frankly, we’re just over it; it’s all desperately Nineteen Hundreds – we’d much prefer to head towards some semblance of harmony through compassionate communication and cooperative acceptance. New Millennium style.

That’s what it comes down to: some people can envisage a world that operates differently.

And are prepared to go after that vision and create it as a reality.

Some prolific writers have talked about civilisation being at a crossroads. Do we go down the all-intrusive internal and external surveillance and tracking road and continue to further support (read: be enslaved to) and endorse the pharmaceutical-fossil-fuel-military complex, as well as the ongoing, desperate destruction of the planet? Or do those who wish for it stand up for a wholly different way of being, in consideration of the planet, rejecting the mass control through wealth accumulation of corporate capitalism?

It appears that the choice is, right now, at our fingertips. And what an opportunity.

But each one of us exists on a continuum – and probably somewhere between wanting some of the ‘fun and excitement’ of our BC* life and deeply wanting to live in phenomenal health while looking after the planet. Harmoniously, of course.

*Before Corona, obviously


So perhaps both paths need to exist at the crossroads? Mass surveillance as a ticket to ‘safety’ as one option if that’s what floats your boat, and the respect for those who say, ‘go ahead if that’s what you want, so be it, but I’m not in thanks. I wish for something that feels better and we’re going after that. All the best and see you later’.

This is the only way that each of us gets that ticket to head towards harmony…when we each ‘feel’ in control of what we’re doing. When each of us has accepted our 100% responsibility.

And you see, if each of us individually acknowledges and accepts that we are divided on the subject of who’s ‘right’ about the way forward…and we allow both path to exist concurrently, then we will actually have done what we aiming for – we will be in harmony.

By loving thy neighbour, as said by someone sometime.

You see though, the division among people is ‘simply’ a mental construct.


The same air

We all breathe the same air; we are all equally as likely to breathe in the ‘next big threat’.

(Although we’re not actually likely to all succumb to the same impact of it…arguably the greatest sad truth about our current world)

We all breathe the same air. We literally share our life force. Now you can take this as figurative, or understand it at a deeper level, but here’s the leveller – the separation that we perceive to exist between people is an illusion. On a physical level, we literally share the same particles – my exhalation becomes mixed in with your next inhalation; my shed cells will become a part of your next plate of veggies…(in a slightly slower process, arguably).

Of body, we are one. It doesn’t get much more clear than that does it?!

Physically, it would be impossible to map out how interconnected we are – and it’s not just about ‘degrees of separation’ from a celeb here – it’s about how every material we use or own has some relation to umpteen other people – those who harvested the raw materials, who prepared and tailored them, those who shipped them around the world, those who sourced them, those who delivered or fitted them – almost all of whom we will never know in person. The complexity to our interconnectedness is practically beyond comprehension. Our dependency upon one another is so overlooked and underrated.

And then mentally, can’t we – mentally – connect with whomever we choose? Can’t you bring to mind your favourite primary school teacher, your first pet, your Mum, your first love…anyone you choose? Mentally, where’s the separation? (Ah, they’re not there physically… Does that actually matter when everything we construct happens in our head, in our perception…? Everything.)

And then energetically, we have absolutely no idea of our power. And I can only say that because neither do I!!! All that I understand is that our energetic capacity reaches way way beyond our five physical sensory organs… Way beyond… (And sometimes I can tap into it. As can – and do – we all.)

So why do we choose to limit ourselves to the notion of our separate selves?

(Arhhh, that’ll be the ego at play…)

In our separate confinement (or relatively continued freedoms if you happen to be Swedish), and even under the variation within different countries, we are all experiencing this together. Granted there are very different levels of impact in our collective experience (but one hopes that this being highlighted can only help us shape a future in which this no longer stands…you’d hope that surely we can agree on this, can’t we?!), but in a quite unbelievable, unique moment, we are having a common, shared pause.

A pause in which to reflect on our togetherness, to comprehend through the confusion and beyond the bickering of who did or didn’t ‘break the rules’ (er, and what are the rules?!?), to  ‘oh, we are all experiencing this, altogether, at once’.


(Er, this was written before ‘he’ broke all of the rules. Hopefully he’ll single-handedly help bring down the rest of them…)


All of humanity.

I don’t think we’ll ever again be much more together than this, do you?

So whatever ‘we the people’ choose as we move forward and through this spell (and hopefully over the ‘powers that be’, whichever path that we opt for as our future unfolds, perhaps we’d be wise to recall the togetherness of this experience – as in part it has occurred in order to that we experience just that – and to remember that even if we choose differently, we still all breathe the same air.

Perhaps we could keep this in the forefront of our mind and remain respectful to each and everyone of our neighbours – near and far – to not spend wasted time and energy and that precious breath in judging and in blaming, but rather use it wisely, purposefully, and with loving intent. Towards something good, or at least better

Even if we choose different ways in which to do that.

Because who knows how long we each have in our mentally-constructed separate physical body…?


Photo by Clay Banks