Overcoming your running hurdles

How to get the answers that you’re looking for from your running…

What would really benefit you to know more about in relation to your running?

What are your running goals? And your hurdles….?

Maybe it’s how to stay motivated to go out when there are a million and one pulls on your time and from all corners – family, work (and your bed!)…? Perhaps you’re desperate to stay injury-free?

Or maybe you’re keen to keep your energy levels high, and keep your whole body in its greatest health?

Or perhaps you simply want to connect to some enjoyable running that feels easy and fun…

Whatever the queries are that rattle around in the back of your mind (or very much at the forefront when you’re out there on a run!), I’d love to know.

Some Q&As

So I’ve put together a Q&A form – I’ve asked some Qs, and you get to write your As…

If you’ve got some minutes to share your thoughts, I’d be super grateful. In fact, I’ve compiled an Essential Running Checklist especially to say thank you! (It’s not all about remembering your pumps and to press play on your garmin! ; )

I’d love to be able to help you to overcome your specific hurdles and obstacles so that you can make your running enjoyable, easy, as well as injury-free.

Here’s the link and please do pass this on to your running friends, or in any running groups that you belong to (virtual or other!).

Your Running And You

Thank you thank you,  and Your Essential Running Checklist will be on its way to you soon : )

With very best wishes

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