Peeling back the blinkers #3

Part 3 – What’s our end game?

There are some really important issues that we’re facing right now in our society. They affect us all as individuals, as well as a collective, together. And in the spirit of the blogs in this latest mini-series, we’re going to plunge ourselves into the process of Peeling Back The Blinkers to see how we can all create change in our own worlds…no matter what we see ‘out there’ in the world.

The first one is the amount of plastic and material waste in our culture.

And the second is the state of the food industry, and consequently our health.


Plastic and the material world

Didn’t we all love Madonna and her ‘Material Girl’, when we were prancing around the living room in our ski-pants in the 80s?

But wow. Don’t we now need some serious action to counter our collective material addiction? Our material hunger is utterly unsustainable as are the piles and piles of indestructible waste causing untold destruction on land and in the sea.

First though, we need to take a look back and ask ourselves – how did we get to a place where we thought we needed plastic tat in our crackers at Christmas? (Ok, so everyone realises that we never needed cracker plastic tat…but why do we keep buying it?)

How did we get to a place where we thought we needed to purchase new items of clothing every month (week?!) and ‘chuck away’ the old (or even unworn…)?

How did we get to a place where we believe the next gadget is going to lead us to enlightenment?!?

Haven’t we all had the blinkers on about where these items on the shelves and on the racks actually come from? Who makes them, and under what conditions? Which animals were sacrificed so that the shampoo doesn’t sting your eyes? Directly in testing or indirectly as the source of ingredients… Why is that ok? (Yet it’s ok for nations to go to war and deliberate kill our own species for control of yet more oil resources…oh, but of course it’s under a different pretext of course. Those animals are also providing the wool that being pulled over our eyes…)

Why have we believed that it’s ok to simply throw things away? Where’s away? There is no away…

Why do we think that we even need cling film? Or another magazine? More toys or yet another pair of pumps?

What has made us so greedy? So blasé? So arrogant about where things come from, and at what cost – and to whom, or what?

Who has fuelled that process? Who really benefits from our endless expenditure? What’s the agenda of the mass media to keep promoting high fashion, the latest must-have, the newest version, yet another…? Who’s behind that? Who’s gaining from this wilful unsustainable, addictive, cycle of more, more, more, newer, faster, better?

Because once we ask those questions, and we choose to peel back the blinkers around our own actions, and those of the collective, we can’t back track. We can’t excuse our behaviour when we bring it under the spotlight.

But ok. These things are how they are. It’s the acceptance part. It is how it is, and we’re here now. This is how we’ve behaved, these are the ruses that they’ve used to lull us in, and we succumbed – we are all responsible for the current state that we find. We bought, we spent, we desired over, we complied, we were nonchalant, we didn’t say enough at any other time; we have been partisan to everything that is as it is now.

Taking responsibility for this first of all, and then saying ‘ok, so …how do I create change?’

‘How can I do something differently – how can I make different choices in my own world, and vote with my feet at the same time?’


Stop using. Strongly consider before we buy. Buy only what we need. Share. Make sure that we buy ethically. Upcycle more. Mend things! Don’t throw things mindlessly away. Use simple things, creatively.

Start lobbying. Start demanding change. Start speaking out. Think creatively…

So many ways to be creative to lessen our impact.


The food industry and our health

What we eat determines our health. It’s a message that can’t be reinforced enough: when we perpetually feed ourselves poor quality food, we get poor quality health results.

(Granted there are other factors – what we believe, most notably, and other epigenetic factors.)

And we’ve been fed poor choices. As in we’ve been offered poor choices, we’ve been lured by marketing, and we’ve been lured even further by the addictive, sugar-laden nature of these ‘food’ stuffs on the shelves. And we’ve taken the bait…by the bucket load.

Mass produced, utterly nutrient deficient, ‘fuel’ filled with synthetic substitutes.

Huge amounts of which goes in the bin anyway.

(Don’t believe for one minute that the hungry in the world are there because there aren’t the resources. People are starving for political reasons.

No other reason.

For instance, it’s strange that the minute that the nations in the Middle East were seen to have extractable oil reserves, they suddenly had every resource under the sun available to them. They’d fundamentally existed on a diet on fish and dates for centuries – half starving at times – before that.)

Isn’t it time that we start asking deeper questions about who’s benefitting from fuelling the masses with sugar-coated cardboard ‘cereals’, tubs of pure sugar ice-cream and desserts, ‘ready meals’ which haven’t seen a fresh veg in months, and let’s not even start on fast-food, take-away junk.

Seriously, that one’s just too painful, isn’t it?

Plus, what does dairy really do to our systems? Why is it possibly the case that we’re consuming truck loads of the hormone-heavy white stuff. And how – oh my word, how – are they treating those cows?

Or the chickens in their coops. Or the pigs fattened beyond belief before being brutally butchered?

How can we possibly pull the shutters back down over the information about these matters which is readily available out there now – just waiting for us to lift that wool up from over our eyes (if we can possibly bear to watch it…).

And who benefits when we become so full of insidious inflammation and our system breaks down in all of these curious symptoms…when we end up siphoned off into the allopathic medical system on its less-than-magical mystery tour? As if it’s a mystery at all why we’re ill.

I’m not being flippant. These are serious issues.

But who benefits?

Only the pharmaceuticals, that’s who.

And they’re not in it to help us get better. Not really better. Not cured better… They’re in it to drug us up, to mask over the symptoms and to shut us up. To disempower us of our innate healing power and to fill their coffers in the merry little process. (That’ll be the money that we spend a solid chunk of time earning, by the way.)

Over and over again, preferably. The sicker the better.

Who benefits when we get depressed and stuck on anti-depressants. Not you, or me! Not for a single moment.

It’s as if we’ve been drugged into forgetting that nature’s phenomenal design has an inherent operating system which knows how to keep us in awesome health!

So maybe we need to dig deep and ask some difficult questions about how we’re living, who we trust and what we believe. Maybe we need a different perspective on what’s really going to heal us?

And to find out how we ended up in this, frankly, unbelievably sorry state…

This is the illuminating hard stuff…and the stuff that once we stop being in denial about, we can’t ever back-track.

And then to say ok, this is the mess. Let’s stop, right now, from what it was that was keeping us distracted (Netflix? Another YouTube video? Our Insta feed? We’re all guilty of it…!) and acknowledge where we are.

In a proverbial pickle, that’s where. All together in a dairy-soaked, sugar-laiden, soggy mess.

And yet, we have to accept that this is where we are all together. Collectively we have literally jumped out of the frying pan, and into the woes of worrisome health.

Collectively we’ve given permission for the soil to be leached of her goodness and resources. Now what do we do? How do we take back ownership of our own health, and our own nutrition?

Purchase fresh, wholesome, colourful, vibrant veg? Choose local, seasonal, real and living food? Prepare them (in a myriad of marvellous ways, I might add), and fuel ourselves literally from the ground up?

Draw a line right through the middle of the pizza box, and say, no more thanks? Stop buying, and buying out…?

Nurture our own patch of ground? Grow our own range of fresh, vibrant, unadulterated crops?

Vote with our feet firmly stuck in the mud (oh, go oh then – planted in our wellies if you wish, but you know about the beautiful benefits of being barefoot, right?)?

Our food intake and our health go hand in hand. It’s not the only factor that determines our health, as I said – nourishment encompasses numerous facets all of which contribute to our health, but suffice it to say the food industry and the pharmaceuticals are in bed together.

And they wouldn’t go near a hospital bed.


It’s seems like the time is running out for softly softly… It doesn’t seem like ‘it’ll be alright, my love’…is going to cut the mustard anymore. (Mustard – incredible health inducing properties! Just not on your bangers…)

One person doesn’t have the answers – we need to share the urgency and collectively make different choices, or simply abstain otherwise.

Peeling back our own blinkers, facing the music (maybe having a dance – phenomenally good for the whole mind-body thing we’ve got going on), having a serious chat with ourselves, perhaps making some different choices, sharing our findings (and the love) and proceeding with right action from here on out is how we will dig ourselves out – separately and together – from the muck.

Because otherwise, what do we think our end game is…?


Check out Parts 1 and 2 to see how we got here…