Perplexing Paradoxes

Watching some dialogues play out in the ‘social scape’, there have been some particularly hardnosed, divisive lines – you know, things like family members shunning each other because they’ve had the audacity to ‘question’ things…

Perhaps, rather than demonishing anyone, let alone family, it might be better to acknowledge that at any moment there are potentially ‘different’ narratives about what we’re experiencing. That way a unity occurs between people. A, ‘oh, maybe that’s the case, I’m not sure; I’ve experienced it this way’ – which is not condescending, but rather, open.

‘I’m not sure’. It’s a nice little phrase, because there are no answers ‘out there’. There has never been any affirmative answer to anything which induces a level of fear and separation, but the closed-down nature of our worlds is only escalating deeper corollaries that have always been… It’s as if, this situation provides the perfect petri-dish of conditions to heighten our previously slightly obscured tendencies, because our global focus has one hundred percent become in some way linked to our invisible little virus.

(NB. Written prior to recent racial incidents. Clearly these were not previously ‘slightly’ obscured – more massive underpinnings, in places – but the perfect petri dish has certainly brought them to the fore…)

If we maintain an open perspective between our fellow human beings, then, together, we form a greater cohesive entity, which is precisely the opposite of what ‘power structures’ (if indeed they exist now; they certainly have in the past – frequently, in fact, & not in the too far distant past either) aim to achieve.

‘Power structures’ need the people to be splintered; that’s how they use the unconscious ‘otherness’ that we, in our culture, have grown up believing is true. They use it to further perpetuate the cause of ‘me versus you’. (I’m right; you’re wrong… I win – and get me; you lose, loser…).

And, who – or what – actually thrives when we’re bickering between ourselves? No one – and nothing.

Oh, apologies, yes there is something that gains – the ego; it thrives on asserting its ‘rightness’. It’s the only thing that gains though. Our essential spirit doesn’t bask in the glory of one-up-man-ship though, that’s for certain.

Nothing grows or evolves though when the ego runs the show, because the ego’s main goal is to keep full control over a lack of growth. (Because if we grow, the ego is in danger of being ‘found out’ that’s it’s a front, and only interested in arresting our – actual – loving nature; the ego’s role is to maintain our defences to, well, just loving… Loving ourselves and loving our neighbour.)

Becoming conscious about how the opposing sides are being played off against one another – between the people as a result of the fuel that the media are providing – rather than becoming embroiled in what the two sides are adverting, will enable the virus to fulfil its spiritual role, which is to cohese an already fractured society.

For unless we, individually, start to actively overcome the perceived ‘otherness’ which is pervasive in our sick society (it’s sick because of our affiliation to ‘otherness’, by the way), then we’re wasting precious resources in perpetuating our separation and thus can’t devote the highly necessary efforts to find creative solutions – together – to heal a troubled planet & imbalanced society.

The emphasis is, rather ironically, on the individual to realise his or her role in perpetuating the splinteredness, first, then addressing that, such that the collective togetherness becomes revealed thereafter.

Life is like that isn’t it – full of awkward, somewhat perplexing paradoxes to overcome.


Photo by Milad B Fakurian