Pink On Fresh New Year White Walls

“When it comes, it comes quick, an’ when you’re least expecting it…”

Paul Weller’s Stanley Road was a constant companion during the late 90s and the Pink On White Walls lyrics will reappear in my ear at the merest hint of shift!

The entire song is timeless, but this line is a brilliant, brilliant reminder that even on the darkest days, when you’ve long forgotten that any change will come – ever! – it’s a lynchpin to hold onto that something will shift. And that, when it comes…it really does come quick, and when you’re least expecting it!

“But the top’s the bottom, and the bottom is all you got”


Can you feel it? Can you feel a very sudden ignition? Or re-ignition…since the New Year. Can you sense that something has shifted… Not just a blasé ‘oh, we’ve moved into a new decade’, but something that’s perhaps intangible, but feels viscerally real… A palpable shift.

Clarity, focus, a freshness perhaps. Maybe it’s just me…?!

An ease? A feeling of alignment, or re-alignment perhaps…? A, ‘right let’s get on it!’ A, ‘let’s-get-our-act-together-now’ sense of urgency, collectedness and a, ‘the-time-is-now!’


A big clean slate

I’ve long thought that there’s a sense of relief with the eventual arrival of the New Year – there’s so much build up in December, then it’s over with in a flash and then that energy bubble bursts. Once the ‘waiting, non-energy’ of Betwixmas is over, of leftovers and just passing your time if you have to go back to work, and the New Year arrives with its (hopefully silent, animal-friendly) fireworks there’s the explosive relief of, ‘oh, we made it! We can start afresh, and with a spotless big clean slate…’

But this year it feels like a powerful shift!

New Year posts feel so cliched, new decade ones done to death, so let’s talk about why, when it comes, it comes quick. And at any time of year…


A powerful shift

What we think we need, and what we actually need can sometimes be poles apart.

And ironically, what we actually need can come to light – and at light-speed! – when we let go of what we think we need…

…and we get connected to right now. No what-ifs, no buts, no projecting, no lamenting – you’re just in it right here, right now.

Right here, right now. Connected to this very moment, and not distracted by ‘ooh, the next shiny thing that’s going on over there’, or…

Because right now, there’s no resistance.

And in the absence of resistance, clarity can arise… In connection to the moment, we just ‘get on’… Tasks which were bearing down on us with dread, fear and loathing become light, easily achieved and often completely quickly… That powerful shift has occurred.

‘Oh, that wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be!’

We’ve all experienced this!

The trouble is that we’re all so used to being distracted by the next new thing that’s happening over there…that we forget to be right here, right now (and in a powerful connection to the ‘what-is’…)

And in the what-is, nothing really matters. All the worrying goes, the futile procrastinations fade away, the tiresome doubts, endless projections…they all vapourise. And instead, we can change our perspective on some matter on a sixpence when we allow the resistance behind it to dissolve.

Hence, what I thought I needed can dissipate and what I actually need has the space to materialise.

‘Oh, I thought I needed to do all of these things…’ with focussed presence might become, ‘aha, I just really needed to do this thing!’. (And now that’s done – huzzah!)

Or, ‘oh, I really need some more time to…’ can become, ‘ah, I just needed to designate and consecrate a short amount of focussed time!’ (And now, I can see the wood for the trees so much more clearly…)


Superfluous paraphernalia

And the thing that we think we need more time for, can happen right now – but only when we allow it to. What really matters can show itself, when we cut through the superfluous paraphernalia of everything that is long gone in the past or a figment of the imagination tied up in some distant moment in a future which will never actually occur….

When we access ‘right now’, we disconnect from those future imaginings – expectations of what’s going to happen there (based on what we’re holding onto from the past, in any case!). We relax when we’re present – we can relax! – and that’s when those barriers drop away which have been holding us back. As those barriers of resistance fall away, the necessary shifts take place for us to achieve whatever it is that we need to achieve.

Quickly and powerfully, if we’re willing!


Don’t waste your time

In our current super-distracting world, with all of it’s ‘could be doing’s, ‘oh look what they’re doing’, ‘maybe should we be doing…’. ‘let’s just see what they’re doing…’ staying focussed and connected to the present moment is not easy!

But we actually only have access to right now. It’s the only time that actually exists… One endless moment in the right now! How easily we tend to spend such a lot of it with our head in any other moment! What a lot of time – and effort and energy – we spend past-reliving, or future-fretting…

“Don’t waste your time. Don’t hesitate.

Life is but a moment – you can’t wait!”

Paul was clearly a good quarter of a century ahead of the game…(or perhaps already, wholly tapped into the endless moment! ; )

Why the sense of such a big shift this New Year, I don’t quite know. Yes, the new decade, yes, some stellar alignments…

But the energy, even in the first week or so of the year, feels to me as if, oh, we really have left last year behind so that we can be here, now.


Happy New Year!