Very funny story alert.

We recently experienced a relatively long power cut. It had rained unusually heavily & the electrics went out. Now, we’ve spent time in countries which experience ‘brown-outs’ reasonably frequently, but we’re fortunate enough to live where there’s a reliable and stable supply of juice when we flick the switch.

Except on this particular day. We were all at home on any case, and watched the heavens pour down their good old cats and dogs, and then at some point early afternoon, the lights went off, the sockets spewed their last for a while and travesty beyond travesty, the internet went down for the duration.

Now, that was said somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but I will have to say, I definitely picked up my phone a couple of times to check for messages before the message hit home.

(That it wouldn’t work, that is ; )

The gas stove came out, the battery pack, the solar powered lights, the head torches and the candles, just for good measure.

And I got around to thinking about preparedness.

And in one sense, we were clearly prepared. I mean, we even managed a hot lunch!

And yet, in another sense I felt quite under-prepared. Or perhaps, vulnerable is a better word.

Vulnerable to our reliance on power, really. As we all are.


Being a cheesy girl guide

I’ve written about our reliance on elec before – here – but more, I felt that I’d been blasé.

I hadn’t been expecting the unexpected. Not where we live… Yes, the solar lights were juiced up, yes we had spare gas for the stove so we could make an essential cup of tea. But it hadn’t particularly been a conscious occurrence…we had simply kept these things topped up as par for the course.

And it concerned me a little that I’d never actively ensured that we had readies in the just-in-case bank. I mean, I’m the one who can be relied on to have a pair of nail scissors, or a hair band at the drop of a hat. Or a needle and thread when we’re on holiday…(ok so this means that I’m not the lightest of travellers! But cheesy as it may be, I’m a good girl guide, I suppose!)

Essentially, I like to be prepared.

And obviously there are very practical means of being prepared; candles seem a pretty fail safe thing to have in the cupboard (as long as you’ve got some matches to hand so it turns out…! ; )

I’ve always thought that there are other ways of being physically prepared as well, of keeping the physical coffers topped up by making sure that you’ve got exercise ‘credit’ in the bank. A bit like having actual credit in the bank – getting on the mat regularly, getting out for your run with consistency…

So that on that endlessly rainy day, you’re not clawing at the walls, because there’s a sense of satisfaction implicit with the credit already topped up… That’s how I see it, anyway.


Emotional preparedness

Of course, all of this is in itself only preparation for emotional preparedness. Emotional robustness.

A strong emotional immune system which enables us to more easily deal with the unexpected events that life will inevitably roll out at our feet…

Of course there’s a physical component to being robust emotionally – if your physical immune system is pretty sharp, if you’ve got a good supply of veggie and the essential vitamin c lining the tank then great, then this goes a long way with dealing with unexpected shocks. Having some decent running miles in your legs can go a good way to enhancing your strength in times that demand a lot of mental and emotional stamina from you, and if you have a practice of breathwork from your yoga practice then awesome – that will take you a long long way in stressful moments.


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Oh, and the very funny part of the story?!

We spent a long old while in the cold with the light fading, with me going down a rabbit-hole of feeling somewhat vulnerable and admonishing myself for slack practices, then we realised that the main fuse had tripped… ; )

It turns out you can be prepared as you like, but you also have to apply a soupçon of common sense too! Hahaha…


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