Recouping our energetic self…

In talking about the possible sense of powerlessness last time, and associated feelings of confusion and frustration that can arise when being subjected to someone else’s rulebook, the result can be that our energetic self can feel a little knocked sideways…

We set the scene for this here, but the take-home from understanding that someone else’s rulebook does not take away your personal power (and that we can only ever choose to give away our power), is that when we grasp this it leads us so much more readily to living with compassion.

Steps to compassionate living

Detaching emotionally from expectations.

This may be easy to say, less easy to carry out, but it’s imperative. We have no say in other people’s free will. None whatsoever. If someone decides on something, ultimately, we have no say in it. (Unless of course, it’s against our laws, or we come together as a collective voice if an injustice has been perpetrated…)

But generally, things get a little bit easier when we understand that interactions flow when they’re based on mutual respect of other’s free will.

Having attachments to set outcomes invariably ends in disappointment if it doesn’t go ‘our way’.

Change what I can change.

This is the remit of our personal power. Changing what I can, means focussing on things that are wholly within our own ‘locus of control’; our decisions and our reactions. It also requires taking responsibility for those.

Accept what-is, otherwise.

The other aspect of maintaining our personal power is in the acceptance of that which we have no control. This may require shifting our perspective.

Forging a mindset of gratitude, buzzword as it has become, plays a huge role in shifting away from what we might find ‘pushes our buttons’ / stresses us out / peeves us royally, and allowing us to cut our energetic ties to these things. Yet it’s a really ambigious phrase… ‘a mindset of gratitide’…for what, you might ask?!

Perhaps, gratitude that you’re meeting someone who sits in their own integrity; perhaps gratitude that you have been spared scenario a, b or c; perhaps gratitude that you were able to see the situation in this particular light, and that you have learnt something useful from it.

It’s about relocating our personal power within…rather than expecting us to have control of all that is without.

Reminding ourselves that the reason for the challenges that we meet, are a function of our perception, and that if we shift our perception, we can shift our response.

As with the issue of how do we find the things to be grateful about – we can look at any situation on its side and see it from a different perspective. We choose how we react to events.

And then we’re free from the challenging emotional responses that we might have tended towards previously, rather than being tied to the chains of feeling thwarted when something doesn’t unfold how we think ‘should be done’, or when something doesn’t pan out how we think it ‘ought to’.

Reminding ourselves that wherever we go, and with whomever we interact, there is a different rulebook.

A different cultural rulebook, a different personal rulebook. Sometimes we may have to be curious to find out what they are…educating ourselves and not expect everyone’s to be the same as ours, which may require us first to –

Understand our personal motivations.

Understanding our motivations and our underlying driving forces in the first instance, is the only way to see that someone else has a different approach.

If we can live in integrity with our own standards, and accept and respect those of others, happy days, we should all get along swimmingly…

Vibrationally pleasant frequencies

When we have an informed insight into someone else’s rationale or motivation, as well as our own, this naturally leads us to acting with more compassion – understanding, warmth, generosity, concern, benevolence and tolerance.

Navigating life with greater compassion allows us to be more gentle – both towards our neighbour / colleague / partner and also more gentle on ourselves as well…

Everything works more smoothly when we’re living with more compassion in our lives, and with less conflict and prejudice. And then the world revolves on a vibrationally much more pleasant frequency.

And everyone’s energetic selves are better off.