Running Video Analysis

Run more efficiently and effectively, break the injury cycle and find freedom in your feet. Make positive changes & release your untapped power into your running!

We’re really exciting to bring you the personalised Running Video Analysis with running movement-specialist Dawn Meredith-Davies!

Get informed feedback on your running today, and start to implement 3 simple, effective shifts in your running…as well as receive personalised physiotherapy tools to support you to sustain the changes!


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Running Video Analysis

Receive personalised video analysis of your running movement patterns, together with feedback on 3 simple shifts you could to make to your running as well as specific-to-you physiotherapy tools to support you to run more effectively and efficiently.


How The Running Video Analysis Works

Once you’ve paid and filled out the registration form for the Running Video Analysis, you will receive a Welcome Email. 

In the Welcome Email you will receive instructions how to film your running videos and a link to upload two videos of your running.

Once the video files have been received, Dawn will analyse your movement patterns in your running, and ascertain three small* shifts that how you could make your running more efficient. These will be specific to your running and will be delivered to you together with three personalised physiotherapy ‘tools’ (stretches or similar exercises).

* but by no means insignificant!

You will receive your analysis via the Analysis Email within 3 working days. The suggestions will be made in a personalised video for you, which is easy to follow and is yours to return to as you wish. In the video, Dawn will talk you through and walk you through the small shifts for you to try out, as well as demonstrate the stretches or exercises which will complement your body to create the changes.

As usual there will be some extra bonus bits and pieces sent to in the email as well, to support you making the shifts in your running!

And just to let you know, your original video will be deleted 28 days after it was received.


Read All About It

The Movement Analysis Sessions have helped countless runners to make big gains from their running. Here’s what some previous clients have had to say…

“I’ve always known that I needed to improve my running technique, and what the end goal looked like on others, but could never work out how to do it myself. Your very simple methods have made it all click into place. A bit more work to do but it feels so much better already. Thank you.” MJ, British

“The advice and recommendations instantly gave results – loads of great stuff to take away. Would recommend this to everyone!” JW, British

“Loved every moment, Dawn helped me to correct my running posture. Inadvertently that has rejuvenated my love for running.” RZ, Indian


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What You’ll Need For The Running Video Analysis

You’ll need access to a mobile device which takes video, and you’ll need access to a safe, relatively flat piece of land (pavement or grass) that’s about 50 meters or so.

You will also require a chum who can take two short videos of you running. (Clear instructions about how to take these videos will be sent in the Welcome Email once registration and payment have been made.)

You will also require a  google account to be able to upload your running videos. If you do not have already an account, rest assured that it is easy and free to set one up!


Your Investment

The Running Video Analysis costs £97.

For which you’ll receive your Analysis Email with a personalised video from Dawn with the analysis of your running together with 3 simple, effective shifts to make in your running and physiotherapy tools specific for your body to support making the changes. (Plus as many bonuses as we can muster!)


What The Running Video Analysis Is NOT

The Running Video Analysis is not a treadmill-based ‘gait analysis’. We will NOT be telling you what kind of trainers to purchase from the Running Video Analysis. We will be looking at you running-body movement patterns, and helping you to make some very simple, yet effective changes to make your running more efficient.

If you’re anything like us, you definitely prefer to run in the fabulous outdoors, and avoid a treadmill at all costs! Running on a treadmill is also different as the ground moves from underneath you, rather than you moving over the ground when you’re outside. So, if you want to make improvements outside, that’s why we look at how you run when you’re running outside!

We look at whole-person running movement patterns while you’re running. And we won’t be selling trainers to you at the end of it, that’s a promise..


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You will be prompted to create a Living Green Health Account at the payment stage. It’s a good idea to do this, so that you can access all of your LGH files in one place, at any time!

If you have any questions please just Contact Us.


After The Analysis

After you’ve received the analysis, you will have the option to have a Follow-Up Skype Call with Dawn where you will be able to talk through how you have found the changes to your running form, and discuss the next steps that Dawn recommends for you (but you will have to bear in mind that she will only have access to the original video for 28 days…so you will want to book that in pretty swiftly!).  You’ll hear more about this in the Analysis Email.


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Some more results from previous clients

“Makes such a difference to how you feel when you run, with immediate effect.”

“Extremely enjoyable and useful. It covered more than I was expecting. Inspirational.”

“Excellent course. Dawn is incredibly knowledgeable and imparts her knowledge in a clear and easy to understand and digest format. Can’t wait to put my new learnt techniques into action!”


We look forward to working with you soon!