Taking a tour…

…of the spine.

Have you ever had pain in your body, and felt helpless to help yourself and limited with ‘what to do’?! Have you ever googled your aches and pains to better understand what’s amiss…and what you ought to be doing..?

When things go wrong we all look to increase our knowledge – it’s a purpose-driven pursuit: to move out of pain!


When we better understand the nuts and bolts of our body, we can better connect to it.

When we’re connected to it, only then can we start to make powerful shifts to help ourselves.


An anatomical marriage

I married up with Ekhartyoga.com to produce this series of articles to take you on a tour of the spine – to explore the inside of our internal anatomy, to see how it all fits together and what to start doing if it’s grumbling at us…because ignorance really isn’t blissful.

So if you have lower back ache, or struggle with your upper back, or your neck and shoulders I’ve organised the articles so that you can go to the essential information.

(Of course, the whole spine is one connected structure which is interdependent on the rest and yet has the capacity to move segment by individually segment… A metaphor for us as human beings, indeed…)

The joy of team work means that these articles have a myriad of additional resources that EkhartYoga have added…so you’ll have a wonderful glimpse into the largest online yoga studio in Europe.

Check out the specific articles below that are related to your troubled area, and see how knowing a little bit more makes a whole lot of difference…

NB. No need to be a yogini to access the articles and to enhance your inside insight!


Troubles with the lower back

Get to grips with the most important features of the lower back and how to enhance your awareness at the base, and help to free your lumbar…

The Lower Back

Connected by the waist


Sore in the upper back

The mid-back is a hugely important area to keep mobile; the nerves which arise from the middle of the spine – our thoracic spine – innervate all of our internal organs, so without a shadow of a doubt, you’ll want to keep this region mobile and pain-free. Start here –

Connected by the waist

The Upper Back


A pain in the neck (and shoulders…!)

If you’ve suffer from neck pain know that there are hugely powerful things that you can do to change that situation in your body… Take a look here to find out more –

The neck


If you’re struggling with pain, you really don’t have to…but if you are, then book a Physiotherapy Consultation to get on the next stage of the journey to overcome it…

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