Talking surfing

I’ve been talking about surfing a lot recently. More talking than actually doing though, to be honest…sorry if that disappoints!

I’ve been talking about the powerful connection with nature at its most raw…in that moment when you catch a wave.

The thrill of connection

A connection that requires the most significant moment of presence. Utter absorption in the now, because without that complete focus and attention in the moment, the connection to the wave is lost. The ability to read the wave, to feel the wave, to feel the energy…

And it’s this that provides the thrill. The whole-being sense of exhilaration that wells up from the depth of our being. Being connected to nature at its most raw…being able to achieve a perfect moment of relaxed poise and concentration, in the hands of the untameable power of the sea. We all know this connectedness. We know it in our cells, even if we’ve never ever attempted to stand on a board.

That complete and utter absorption in the activity is a meditation. A not-sitting-still-on-the-mat-eyes-closed yet equally-valid moment of meditative space. Yet it’s still a moment of stillness (even if the waves are raucous!)…it’s a stilling of time while we’re in complete connection. It’s a levelling of ourselves…a pacifier to any hint of abrasiveness in our behaviour. It’s being totally in a flow with oneself – with nature – involved without distraction, hesitation, or second-guessing ourselves.

Because the second that we submit to any of those – when our commitment goes, the connection is lost.

Harmonious flow…

Allowing this deep involvement is to allow flow in our lives. Flow – the getting out of our own way. Being in the space where the magic happens. Connected, wildly-awake magic.

This flow is harmony. Grace, you might say. A beautiful moment shared only with your inner-most being, and with nature. A privilege, indeed. And in the flow, we find ourselves being our truest version of ourselves. Being in joy. Calm, quiet, still joy…swift, slight, responsive spontaneity, or giggly, child-like playfulness…or honest, vulnerable & relaxed openness. Whatever version your real self takes. Maybe it’s all of these things?

We have to be these things, because we cannot tense up… Tense up and we lose the flow. Fail to commit and we’re out of synch with the natural timing of events.

All of this is a metaphor for the rest of our lives. Sit in resistance and life doesn’t ‘go our way’. Lose our connection to nature, and our entire system becomes out of kilter.

Lose our playfulness, and our joy dissolves. Lose our suppleness and our flexible mobility, and our ability to anticipate and react to life’s ups and downs diminishes into a rigid, prescribed, pre-ordained version of our true nature.

Maybe surfing’s not your thing, maybe it doesn’t float your boat to be catching waves. But you’ve got ‘a thing’ – you know the activity in which you’re in your most full state of awareness and connection to the present moment. Because we’ve all got one. Something that hooks us up to our real, meditative, focused, relaxed, in-flow nature. Maybe it’s running?!

I might not have spent the summer surfing, but I have spent a lot of time watching waves…not quite the same full-body activity, but certainly a full, sensory stimulating past-time…and equally hypnotic.

Making Waves…

Waves. Unfurling, lip-curls of the salty, frothing, foaming sea at play.

Perhaps powerful, messy, crashing endless explosions of sea on sand, or sea on raw rock…

Each explosive pounding overriding everything audibly.

Deep, dark and ominous creations of the ocean; reminders of our insignificant stature in the wake of her wonder.

Or perhaps enormous, perfectly-formed suspended crescents of the bluest of blue water…holding, holding, holding their shape in an increasingly arching, heart-thumpingly, breathing-takingly awesome, fluid tower towering impossibly to the very zenith…

Then slow-mo free-falling, achingly beautiful, incomprehensibly powerful, tumbling from the heights and eventually collapsing into catastrophic chaos, an overwhelming energetic release of form and charge.

Or maybe you prefer the soft gentle seas where the frolicking, curling, sand-caressing lapping waves kiss the beach and play to your calm inner nature.

A melodic rhythm, complementing the lightest of breaths of wind in the background.

Whichever waves appeal to you, here is where the expansive ocean comes to play; nature expresses her dynamic creations to meet everyone’s mood in infinite mathematical marvels to reflect the sun and the sky and the season…

Extraordinary unfoldings of the endless ability of nature to chop and change her face, making waves with gusto on the never-ending conveyor belt of movement and magic.