The benefit of being small

No doubt you’ve seen the business-evolution that’s positively affecting us all.

A rising-up and reversal of us being buried by huge global, anonymous corporations and chains galore… with a wealth of individuals saying, ‘do you know what? I’m off – I’m going to set up by myself!’. ‘I’m done with giving away my control to some enormous entity & feeling like a cog in a machine…’ (Well oiled or not…)

Individually, we’ve chosen to take back our control and put it firmly into our own hands.

Shimmie-ing and shaking

However the process of opting-out is almost always preceded by a period of opting-in. It’s as if we have to learn and understand the rules first…and then we can start to remould them! To defy convention, to shimmie and shake, and to think outside the box and set new trends…

This happens in every sphere, from business to cutting new moves on the dance-floor.

Understanding ‘how it works’ is the forerunner to being able to powerfully say, oh, we could do this differently you know…

Online Movement Analysis

The Online Running Video Movement Analysis has this concept laid into its foundation.

It’s about helping you understanding how you can powerfully move in your running and optimally engage your body while you run before you start adding in flights of fancy, like jazz-hands all the way down the home straight….or I don’t know – straddling stiles, leapfrogging lampposts…

You get the idea. Learn how to access your body’s power first, and then free-style.

The Running Video Analysis enables you to see* what you could do in your running to make it more efficient and more effective. And it supports you with specific and tailored physiotherapy-based activities.

*Seeing in the sense of understanding and starting to apply some shifts…and then seeing the difference that they make! And that requires someone else to look at us running.

Running Video Analysis will help reveal why you’re stuck in an injury rut. And help you ease out of it…

But most of all it will help you to release your untapped power out of your running!

Online Running Video Movement Analysis – buy it for yourself, or buy it for someone else!

Doing ‘my way’

There is a real joy in doing it ‘my way’… And yet the tried and tested way delivers volumes.

In running as well as in business.

Being ‘stand alone’ in the new Living Green Health online enterprise is super exciting! There’s all the potential in the world, and none of the expectation or obligation. Which is brilliant : )

There’s all the room to manoeuvre that you want and only the far reaches of your imagination to stop you. Wonderful – what’s not to love?!

It’s a truly expansive place in which to position yourself. And yet sometimes, that can look slightly more rosy than it actually is…

It’s hard; it can be all consuming.

Again, it can be like running achievements – we don’t see all the work that goes on in the background for others…

The downside of being a tiny player

The downside to being a tiny player in the online world is, however, that you get to do everything yourself! Everything, practically. You get to make the decisions…(in fact all of the decisions end up in your court!), and then you get to execute everything yourself!! Ah the joys of the creative control..! : )

The genuine upshot

But the real upshot is that you get to spend proper time with people. Fully-connected, personalised relations with your customers… No annoying automation, but full-on individual replies straight from the horse’s mouth! : )

The benefit of being small is that we can cope with individuals and personalising gifts. Not only can we bend over backwards for you (literally, in fact – that’ll be the yoga ; ) and metaphorically), but we can also bend the rules. There are no rules. Not really – because we make them!

Looking for an ideal, individual gift?

If you want to buy an Online Running Video Analysis for your husband, wife or best friend – sure we can arrange that! And we’ll even create a voucher especially for them! ; )

Want a personalised PhysioYoga sequence specifically for you? Maybe for you and your running, or perhaps for you and your running chum! Great, why not?!

Send us a message and ask for what you want.

If it’s some variation of what we already offer, then try us – drop us a line and we’ll do our utmost to deliver it for you.

Not being confined

The benefit of being small has nothing to do with being small in size (physically, or company-wise)… but it’s about not being confined by your size.

(Arguably it’s about not being confined by your beliefs about and your potential in your running too!)

It’s about daring to not be defined by being little, and it’s about being bold enough to be big in values and beliefs, work-ethic and categorically aiming to create the best experience for you, with us, that we possibly can. It’s about aiming to generate satisfaction beyond expectation…and hopefully, in time, becoming bigger in stature (but hopefully not physically!).

The world doesn’t really operate on an automated, one-size fits all way… because we’re individuals, living in an individual world.

Our individual service for your optimal running and health experience. Hopefully we’re setting the bar high, so that you gain the most that you can from what we have to offer you!

Click here for the Online Running Movement Movement Analysis or email if you’re looking to gift a really beneficial running-related experience to family or friends…