The Gateway

How are we going to rekindle our communities after this?

There have been some extraordinary public displays of kindness over the last weeks, and without doubt many-fold more acts which have not been so public…

I’m pretty sure that kindness is an innate human quality; by and large kids love being kind. And you can see that glow that they get when they realise the beautiful impact that their benevolent act has had on the lucky recipient. That glow – that’s the reciprocal juicy feeling that we as the giver receive when we’re kind towards another.

And of course that beautiful experience is not limited to the children!

Yet it’s totally counter to how the rules of sharing are generally perceived, the idea that even through we don’t give to receive. But that actually when we give, we receive anyway…

There’s that adage isn’t there, and I paraphrase but, ‘when offered something, don’t deny the giver the joy of giving’… And that’s it.


A good old cuppa

My husband is wonderful at honouring this, down to the simplest of levels that when we visit someone (and we will, once again, visit people – hold that vision powerfully), and he’s asked if he’d like a drink – a cup of tea perhaps? – he always always says yes. Now that’s hardly a biggie, you might think, and you’d be right…but he doesn’t even like tea! He’s simply allowing the generosity, and the feel-goods to flow (and secretly, I suspect, he’s vying for a piece of cake to go with it…but honestly, those aren’t his deepest motivations! ; )

Personally, I’ve often erred on the side of, ‘oh, have we got time?’, ‘haven’t we got things to do?’, ‘I’m not sure that I even need or want a cuppa’… Never again will I do this. I’m with him from hereon out and come what may and it’s tea all round please, just because we can – or at least, will do once again. (And once again, hold this thought quite quite clearly.)


Coming back to kindness

So, kindness. It’s beautiful – the allowing of our true nature. Crisis will often do this, and what’s been happening on an energetic level during this current one, is that we really have been accessing our hearts much more readily, much more widespread. (Plus we’ve witnessed these acts so much more frequently via social media, and this in itself has perpetuated the good stuff.)

Accessing our hearts is a very very good thing, on lots of levels.


Accessing the heart space

The ‘heart space’ as it’s often referred to in yogic-realms is ‘located’, but not restricted to the centre of the chest. It encompasses the physical heart, the lungs and it extends its way down the arms. That’s the heart space in the physical sense in any case. However it reaches way way beyond our physical body… radiating out an energetically yummy, love-filled field of vibrational essence all around us.

If you think about it, when we give someone a hug, we do so ‘from our heart’; it’s about the coming together of two hearts and what do we actually do? We wrap our physical arms around one another, and that ‘giving and receiving’ is facilitated by reaching out ones hands – it’s a heartfelt act (hopefully!).

So this is part and parcel of the reach of the heart space from the perspective of our physical selves, and it’s often referred to as the ‘gateway to the higher centres’.

Let me explain what the lower centres are first, because we don’t powerfully access the heart space without fully formed lower centres.

Our three lower energy centres are the base of the body, the pelvic region and our core. They have different names, but it’s easy to comprehend them by their physical location.

Physically these regions have different functions – the base of our body and our legs, support us, give us stability, they also move us and connect us to the ground; the pelvis houses our waste apparatus and our reproductive organs, and the core is about connecting the top and the bottom of the body, for activation of all movements essentially. And these roles are pretty clear to envisage, aren’t they?

What they ‘represent’, or their energetic roles is also related to their physical function – the base is about our roots, both our connection to the earth (nature) but also our family roots. When we feel secure and stable in our foundation (which stems from our formative years), we’ll be ready to step into the world from this sound and solid basis.

The pelvis is related to flow and physical creativity: the flow of, or purging of our waste, and also procreation. It’s also about our relationship to others and it’s about fun – not least in the act of procreation! But also the fun, and flow, of play and creativity with others …

Our core is the centre of us – it is the home of our personal power. We generate our movements from the core, and our sense of self is tied up with the core of who we are…

Optimally, the lower three energy centres offer us our stability in our family & our sense of security in the world, our sense of relating to others, and our sense of comprehending and relating to ourselves. And from the bottom up (quite quite literally) they build on one another…


Gross matter

These three lower energy centres are linked to our physicality essentially; they’re concerned with gross matter (ie the physical!), and as such they’re more dense in essence. These centres are also concerned with material matter; that challenging lesson that kiddies learn of ‘what’s mine & what’s yours?’.

Kids get attached to material objects out of a necessity to develop the understanding of separation, mine, and self, and it’s important that kids have the opportunity to develop this connection to the material world (but in proportion though – we wouldn’t want them to become materialistic, right?). It’s essential for kids to have ‘that favourite toy’ which goes everywhere with them! Developing our energetic connection with the material is healthy. (And even more healthy is learning about detachment…)

The counter side to healthy though is the need for more and more and a want want want because ‘I don’t have enough’… This will unfold as a replacement for what kids really need (which is parental time, presence and love), not feeling secure and supported by their world, and therefore latching onto external objects in an endeavour to fill an unmet deep need.

Dependence on external means to fill us up also manifests itself with overeating. Holding onto surplus is a way of the body keeping itself weighed down in the heavy energies, of replacing deeply unmet needs and thus pains with extra material matter to carry around.

And these last decades so closely addicted to ‘matter’ have seen an enormous explosion in this trend (no puns intended in this delicate matter, I hasten to add).


Drawn to powerfully open our hearts

Life in our culture before corona has been pretty stuck in these base energy centres. It’s been increasingly the case over the last, oh, many many many decades. Our attachment to the material world, to wanting, having, accumulating, and not least to mention the rate at which we’ve been procreating…is a heightened, and arguably out-of-balance, reflection of lower energy centre activity.

This is not everyone, of course! But look around us? What do we value? A nice house, and a fancy car? New clothes, nice things…

(I’m not judging; it’s an observation.)

So here we are, stuck at home, shops closed, nowhere to go & nothing to get dressed up for…and online shopping aside, there’s nothing to distract us to spend our slaved over cash on (food & essentials excepting).

The upshot being that people are connecting to their heart space…

Increasingly we’ve been seeing the devastating effects of our throw-away materialistic society in recent years (the plastic-strewn seas, tonnes and tonnes of discarded clothing, and the destruction of entire necessary ecosystems to support it all).

In our current pause not only are we seeing some of the stark reality of our material impact on the world (the fauna and flora are flourishing as a result of us not ploughing on unceasingly to control and destroy it), but we also don’t have a channel to continue the previously incessant grasping, grabbing hold of the material.

Granted there’s been some hoarding going on – a desperate reflection of our fixation with me me me and our obsession with the material and our down-right fear of there not being enough (‘for me’); it’s a glaring scarcity mentality which led to this which prizes mine rather than a sharing mentality of there’s plenty & we’re in this together. Which is what the heart says.

All in the absence of these usual materially-oriented behaviours, we’ve been led, as an unspoken collective, beyond these base energies and instead, to us reaching towards connecting – powerfully – to our heart space. Individually as well as collectively.

The jolt to the global system has induced an upgrade, and hallelujah!


The gateway

The role of the heart is as a gateway between these heavier energies (essential as they are to develop…) and the lighter energies of the upper energy centres. It also has a role unto itself, of course.

Our ‘job’ as we grow up is essentially speaking to progressively access and develop each subsequent energy centre (and consequently its energetic essence) through the sound activation of the previous. As mentioned, these centres build one on top of the other…

The fire in your belly lights the passions in your heart, is the general idea if a metaphor works for you..?

That’s to say that our job is to keep growing – in an energetic sense – rather than to stay stuck anywhere. The aim is for our energy to flow. Stuckness leads to all sorts of things, namely illness and disease. Illness is dis-ease.

When energy flows, with it there is ease

And you might think that we’re all connected to our hearts – don’t we all fall in love?!

Yes, we might experience the heady, alive yet chemical compulsion of attraction…but have we been living our day to day lives in this space…from this space? Fully free from defensive thoughts, and instead guided by heart-felt thought, action and deed.

Have we? All of us, all of the time…??

I can’t say I’m in the clear here…(and I’m trying!)

We’ve been given an extraordinary opportunity to consciously move into a new set of values – values based around heart-driven qualities as a minimum!, Then, this will lead us to powerfully access the expression of our voice (the next energy centre up, around the throat and ears), to connect deeply to our insight and intuition (via our ‘third eye’ at the brow) and then to connect to our higher selves via the crown. But one step at a time…


Embracing the embrace

It will be imperative that we connect, physically, with people after the acute stage of this episode has passed.

Firstly, touch is essential to wellbeing. It’s so profoundly necessary that every single blood vessel in the body responds to it positively (through the production of nitric oxide by the epithelial lining). There’s a reason why massage is so fabulously relaxing; it’s why we hold hands, it’s why we crave a hug with our loved ones and it’s why we touch someone on the arm or the elbow for reassurance.

Touch is imperative.

We are going to have to consciously dig deep into our awareness, notice our responses and move purposefully beyond the ‘you must remain at 2 meters from everyone’ party-line – that we have wholly bought into, and in record time.

We will perish if we don’t overcome this snippet of newly infiltrated and learned behaviour. At the right time, of course.

In addition, contact via touch is how we build our immunity. Touch between each other, being in touch with aspects of nature, the soil, animals…and the passing of, and for want of a less, unnecessarily provocative word, germs between us… Bacteria in our system are essential!

Folly is a species which thinks it survives in isolation. I don’t just mean indoors! I mean, in isolation from the other species… Or to remain in isolation from the eco-system of which we are a part.

Our interconnectedness is vital. It’s also exquisitely beautiful.

We will have to increase our exposure to bacteria, to each other and to nature in order that we enhance our health. Because being indoors and cleaning away 99 per cent of all germs will do no one any favours…


Responding to the call

We will have to overcome our very recently instilled, but nevertheless reinforced by fear, aversion to being close. I’m wholly optimistic that it won’t take much; we’re already getting closer – naturally.

Drawn together, over-ruling the ‘rational’ mandate of distance, our hearts yearn to be together and they make us act accordingly…and not through ‘thinking’ about it, but by responding to its call. By being heart-driven, reaching out and being love-oriented.

We have a hearts-wide open opportunity to connect, deeply to the lighter and brighter energy of the expansive heart space, and to re-instate collective values which sit in harmony with a higher essence, one that is intrinsically connected to harmony with the planet, with each other, the animals and the plants.

We have the capacity to bring our acute awareness to the desperate, base-energy compulsions that we’ve previously bought into (or been led to believe are of utmost important and which certainly aren’t our only nature!), and to elevate the collective spirit to transcend the stark harsh realities which we’re currently viewing and to reach towards what our hearts are deeply yearning to experience – love, harmony and togetherness.

And now’s the moment in time to extend our hearts! Our health, our happiness, our wellbeing and our communities depending on this opening of our hearts, and to extending ourselves beyond ourselves and into the furthest realms of our connected, collective heart-space…


Photo by Mattia Serrani