The Healing Collection

An irrevocable shift

An irrevocable shift has occurred, and now that the wheels are in motion on the train, there will be no stopping it.

One by one, we have shifted into the understanding of our interconnectedness – both within ourselves, and between ourselves.

One by one becomes whole swathes at a time who are falling towards greater awareness…

And as such, we are at the outset of truly taking responsibility for healing our world.

There’s a tremendous momentum with which sustainable initiatives are taking hold around the world. Everyone is digging deeper into their resourcefulness to share practices to help.

It’s amazing to watch it unfolding. The momentum really is unstoppable…


Arresting development

A phrase has been rattling around my head of late, so let me put it to you – which way do you interpret this phrase…’arrested development’?

Do you interpret it as: ‘let’s stop all further development NOW!’ or perhaps as, ‘oooh, arrested development’ – stopping-you-in-your-tracks-development. Self-development, perhaps…?

The latter speaks to me.

I absolutely love the array of forward-thinking, eyes-wide-open entities that showed up in popular society back in the 90s or early 2000s which were so aligned with presence-of-being almost without the blinking of an eyelid. It’s from there that this phrase comes to mind, of course – arrested development. – the band, the ‘everyday people…’

Oh, but this alignment has been present in our common culture since way before than! Think, The Wizard of Oz, A Wonderful Life… And which now, only with an ever-expanding personal understanding and societal ‘awakening’, do these snapshots of expansive, connected, awake-thinking actually jump right back at you.

Arrestingly so, arguably… ; )


Our greatest awakening

Our greatest empowerment is going to come from really, truly allowing natural resources to be our tools for healing.

The mobilisation of our inherent power turned back towards ourselves: firstly for ourselves, and for deep healing, then outwardly, for powerful action.

This paradigm shift will be the real ’enabling’ of the rise in awareness and our connectedness.

And this will be our greatest awakening.


Baby season

There have been babies everywhere this season!

And consequently, I’ve been indulging in a lovely spot of cuddling time too…

Such a precious thing to hold a really new born in your arms, and just, well, love it, and softly whisper beautiful words. Soft gentle words of love and of being love and in doing so, wrapping the babe up in a blanket of love…

Every focus, every thought, every word uttered to the babe, about the babe, in the babe’s presence, just love… This is how we’ll raise our babies to remain shrouded with the beautiful light and innocence with which they were born and as they grow.

It’s loves’ high vibration which creates that, and allows that light to emanates through everything around it.

And in those super special cuddling moments, I felt love. I felt how sending out love only brought it back round many-fold… Super special.

And then I got to thinking, why aren’t I talking to myself with that same high bar of love-chat? Why am I allowing myself to talk, at times, with low-vibe, destructive, self-deprecating, ugly chat?! Why do I allow that? Why, when love is the currency that lifts and allows ease…

Why? Sabotage of the Self – of the loving Self that is Love.

(Essential it’s Ego-talk, but ego as in, driven-by-fear-and-all-that-is-not-love…)

So this summer’s focus – to spread the internal love, just as much as the external love…


Everybody needs a mentor

Everybody needs a person to offer them guidance. Often we need different types of guidance at different stages – boundary-providing ones when we’re little – parents inevitably; expanding-ones when we’re adolescents – sports coaches or those inspirational teachers; career-ones later on – colleagues, or bosses…

I happen to think we all need some kind of spiritual guidance at all times in our lives. (Note spiritual, not religious.) And of course, this may well come wrapped up as one of the above in any case, if we’re fortunate.

It’s a funny term, spiritual. Isn’t it? So often confused with being woo-woo, and it’s been given a wide-berth until a really recent arrival into a space of heightened awareness.

I certainly know that I steered well clear from the term for a good long time…mostly, actually, only because I didn’t really understand it.

And yet isn’t spirituality about firmly having our feet on the ground, so that we have an established place to expand from…? And to expand into our greatest capabilities, in whichever arenas – be it creatively, or academically, or even in physical achievements. And to expand without prejudice, or harm to others…essentially, to expand to our most expansive with love as our calling card. Isn’t that all that spirituality really means…? To be in connection to and in service of others, knowing that we are all derived from the same place – the same building blocks, the same emotions and the same potential…

Maybe it’s better to say, doesn’t everyone need a person to offer them grounded, love-oriented guidance, at all times in their lives?


Being in community

Imagine if we truly lived in community and carried out our ‘work’ solely for the collective.

Our elderly – society’s wise, knowledgeable souls – would be cared for, in community; they’d be treasured, no doubt they’d feel as if they still had purpose. Loneliness would evaporate. Other mental health issues would be cared for through compassionate living.

Our physical health would improve – levels of heart disease would diminish (as life became one collective, beating-in-synch heart); we’d feel more energised, rather than depleted by our work…

Of course there are pockets where people have chosen to live and work in this way – in kibbutz, ashrams, and the like. And then there are the communities who just live this way – not only what’s left of indigenous people and tribes, but also in the very occasional pocket in Western populations – whose lives remain closed associated and intermingled with family; whose close-knitted living nurtures health-ful, heart-ful, purpose-ful, open, compassionate and supported community existence.

There’s a lot to be said for it.

It’s not even rose-tinted…it’s how we’re designed to exist, we’re programmed for connection, for sharing and for co-operation. And it’s pretty clear that the only way to thrive is in the midst of it.

In the West’s model of separateness, of competition, selection and meritocracy, we’re missing something… We might be surviving, but by and large aren’t we barely thriving…?