The Modern Living Collection

So much information

There’s so much information out there.

We see studies telling us how meditation affects our brain, how sleeping next to one we love also changes our brainwaves, how yoga reduces our blood pressure….

And what does all this information really tell us?

Maybe it tells us that we’re energetic beings, and that the keys to a meaningful time are all within our grasps, within us…?

The tricky bit? Navigating our way through the plethora of information to find the snippets which resonate with us, which provide us with the codes for those keys…

Perhaps we have to ask, is this true? Is this true for me? Does this fit with where I want to be going, and how I want to get there?

We all patch together our own model of our little world, and how we wish to be in it. The greatest service that we can do ourselves is to make sure that we’re making active decisions, and preferably ones which sit in harmony with the greater good for all concerned…


The see-saw effect

One of two things happen to civilisations over time.

As time elapses and a civilisation gets more entrenched in its ways, it either gets closer and closer and closer to the brink of what is tenable….and then does a remarkable u-turn and manages to see-saw just in the nick of time to right itself.

Or the alternative looks like this – the civilisation continues on the same path of greed, domination and brutality to achieve it, and therefore ultimately marches down the path to self-destruction….as it heads over the edge and collapses completely.

History repeats itself. Over and over. And in terms of politics and warfare, it’s almost exclusively a function of hunger for power, and historically in the name of the church. In today’s age, it’s a hunger for command of oil, but they’re the same thing essentially.

In personal terms, exercising our power is usually a function of control. Sometimes control over others, sometimes control over something that we wish to forget.

And generally speaking we seem to have a surprisingly pretty short memory! As the same power plays itself over and again…

However as we get close to the brink as a society, we have a remarkable tenacity to rally together to pull ourselves back from the edge…

And this trend also occurs in our individual lives as well as our collective lives.

Take smoking. Individually, so many harmed, so unnecessarily. We found ourselves virtually tipping over the cliff, and then collectively we did a great big u-turn, for the greater good. And quickly too. Bans, outlaws and an attitude that switched from being socially acceptable to being very uncool, very quickly.

The result – the masses gave up the Marlboros and tipped their see-saw in the opposite direction.

Back from the brink. A saved generation or two, arguably. [So many smoke-free sighs out loud.]

It’s similar to how silly silly busy our individual lives have become, how dominated by our handheld computer and our ‘social’ lives…to how, en masse, we’re starting to crave our quiet space. We have been flocking to yoga in the last couple of decades…finding ‘mindfulness’ and maybe even flirting with meditation every now and again.

And here, in these quiet places, we find some balance; the saw, to our own see…

It’s like we’re trying to re-calibrate ourselves back to centre. To put ourselves back in a place of harmony with ourselves…to right ourselves again.

(And who knows, we may even be persuaded to give up our phone addiction soon enough…for the greater good of our health for that matter!)

We’re in the midst of seeing how effective the see-saw is on the plastic pollution problem (and the other myriad environmental issues we’ve created); so many individuals creating initiatives to try to right our global problems.

Let’s hope we make it back from the brink on all counts…


Seeking meaningful answers

Years and years and years and years spent in ‘education’…and at the end of it, I found almost no thinking for myself.

A foundation, I suppose – those sparkly grade sheets, name-following ‘letters’, and all of those exams (oh my word, all of those exams, and that stress! So much absolutely unnecessary stress induced in fair teens, to compete, to compare, to get ahead, to ‘count’…).

Only after all of that, did I start really learning, and really exploring for myself. All of those years in education didn’t really teach us to ask questions, to seek meaningful answers (rather than settle for just the party line…).

It taught us to stop asking why. It’s ok if you’re 3, but it’s not ok by the time that you’re 13…why is that?

What is it that we want our children to achieve from school? Yes, of course, to gain a breadth of experiences and to interact, and to well, probably gain a fruitful job at the end of it… But don’t we need to be able to ask critical questions to perform well? Don’t we need to ask meaningful questions to ascertain how to find contentment and peace?

We’ve been trained out of asking meaningful questions by the time we leave school. Wouldn’t it be meaningful to ask why?

(And to replace all of that stress with joy, while we’re at it?!)


The state of ill-health

We’re living in (another) funny old time aren’t we, here in this ‘modern’ era…?

Here in the west we’re enjoying untold amounts of personal possibilities and relative freedom. We are unbelievably fortunate. And yet with this comes an incredible responsibility as well – it’s our responsibility to not pull the blinkers down over issues that are ever present around the globe…

And when we look deeper around us – beyond the comfort of our homes – really it’s actually not very pretty – ongoing wars, power-plays, greed and the consequential human sacrifice; cheating, lies, corruption; ongoing degradation of women, and men, abhorrent treatment of animals, species extinction, concretisation, pollution on the land, out at sea and in the air, a health-care system which offers medicine as pills and/or a dose of radiation, being sold stories which keep us living in fear, drugged up and still sick, and equally as sad, we’re at war with each other…even with our ‘loved’ ones.

All of these absurdities are keeping us in a state of ill-health. Existing in a state of destruction, contraction and limitation.

We are individually ill because we’re living in a world that needs a huge amount of healing. Collectively the human species is chronically sick! We’re absurdly sick!

Aren’t we tired of it yet? The spiralling obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer…?

Don’t we see the connectedness of our individual ill-health being a function of where we are collectively…and how we’re treating our collective energy?

Yet, as we heal ourselves…so the world will heal.

Getting well is an individual responsibility towards the whole planet! But ‘getting well’ means really releasing the pain and dis-ease that caused our sickness in the first instance…

When we open up our heart to the unbelievable beauty that also exists in the world, and start looking for it through eyes of forgiveness and love, then we will see the amazing possibilities all around us. It is our responsibility to exercise our privilege to be here, right now, in these direct surroundings of peace and calm…

It is an individual journey of forgiveness and true self-care and taking responsibility and moving towards love…but the implications of all of our individual journeys will allow the collective path towards healing.


Crazy modern living!

Have you ever stopped to wonder how we arrived at this crazy state that is ‘modern living’?

It’s a funny old place, when we start to think about some of our activities that we do, either habitually (self-induced responses), or because we’re ‘told’ to on some level, or advised to (by the state). Or just because other people are doing so…

Some of these things are curious though, aren’t they?

Mostly, it seems, because they’re incredibly removed from our natural state.

So how did we get here?

I offer ‘evolution’ out as a suggestion. Not Darwin’s version. But more, one cultural idea or societal activity evolving into the next trend, and then the next, and the next, and so on and on…

Until we arrive at today’s antics. Essentially, we’re conditioned to the ideas of today – because they’re mostly accepted and therefore have become ‘normalised’.

We’re indoctorinated into the stories that surround us, and by and large we accept them as ‘the way it’s supposed to be’… (As if they best interests of the masses have ever been the concern of the powers that be…? Just, by the way..!)

But not every generation has bought into the ‘what is’.

But it takes awareness, asking different questions, detached thinking and seeking new solutions.

Art gives marvellous examples of this over and over again as one ‘period’, rejects what has been, and just, well, does it differently. Take the Impressionists as a prime example. They looked at the movement before them, namely the Pre-Raphelites, and went, ‘urgh! Such reality!…Let’s look at it differently! Let’s start doing it differently…’

Now you might think that art’s irrelevant, but it’s very very tell-tale. What happens in the arts often precedes the shifts in sentiments during an era. Largely because the arts are expressive, more heart-driven and often those who partake, take time to stop and to consider and reflect, and then connect on a level of awareness that requires us to go deeper; to seek a connection to our inner knowing and to allow this to be a guiding light.

And we all have access to this.

That’s the beauty of this otherwise crazy time that we live in!

In this time, from where we’re all sitting, we have endless possibilities and access to freely express our connection to our inner knowing.

So that we can transcend the vaguely curious times, to totally transform our lives if we wish from what we find today, and to unfold our very own evolution…

It’s really not such a crazy idea! : )


Supporting your health

Be sure to support your health from the impending doom.

It’s an impending doom that, if you were to ‘believe’ the stories that we’re being fed, is just waiting for you and your health.

It’s an impending doom that has been sewn into the very fabric of society – make sure that you get this scan, or that test, just so that we can catch you in time…(and get you yet more firmly entrenched in the allopathic medical system), take those pills – just in case, and just because…

What if there’s another way, a different insurance policy to which to pledge our allegiance…? How about treading the path of nourishment that keeps our cells on track, a path of emotional healing – of forgiveness – a heart-driven, love-oriented route which baths in joy and light, which treats ourselves as we would wish others to be treated. One which nourishes itself from the insides, and one which enables free-flowing energy, so that energy can freely flow…

Because given the right conditions, the body will heal itself.