The Nature Collection

Abundant nature

There’s such a richness to the trees and plants which offer our fruit and our vegetables. Such abundance.

We have an expectation to have produce all year round – because we can have produce all year round but this isn’t the abundance about which I speak.

I’m talking about the endless abundance in food in its unadulterated, natural state.

Not just the wealth of synergistic vitamins and minerals that a single, whole fruit offers in its entirety, but also the visible, endless capacity for that fruit to produce more and more and more plants, more blossom, more fruits…

It’s truly endless, nature’s abundance.


Imagine a web

Imagine a web.
A silk-like web.
A silk-like web that slides and glides.
A silk-like web that slides and glides, not only in two dimensions, but three.
It slides and glides, in every direction; it responds to tension and load – being pushed and pulled.
Its delicate filaments, thick or thin, are strong. And the more it’s pushed and pulled, the stronger, and the denser it can become…
Filaments give, divide, separate and slide…they let go, hold on elsewhere, share the tension, dissipate the load.

This web forms a continuum…a continuum that forms layers; whole layers that slide and glide.

One in relation to the other.

Always in context, in relation to movement…always in contact.

These layers wrap around, they wrap under, and over, and in between.
They interconnect, intertwine, interject.
They create sheaths and sleeves. Bags and sacks.
Constantly supporting, constantly adjusting, constantly anticipating.
Constantly acting and reacting, constantly communicating.

Moving, flowing. Stopping, starting. Connecting, separating. Getting stuck, letting go…

And this silk-like web of connectedness is you. It’s me. It’s each of us.

It is fascia.

It is the ubiquitous tissue that forms us, that networks our entire body.

It creates our shape, holds us into our posture.

It allows our movement, restricts our limitations.

All without us knowing about it, without us giving it a nod, or a moment’s thought, or an acknowledgment…

We are one continuum.
Unto ourselves.
Nothing moves in isolation.
We are a whole.
We are one.

We are also one continuum.
In relation to everything around us.
The air that we exchange, the movement’s that we make, the effect that we have.
To each other.
To nature.
Nothing we do, is done in isolation.
We make the whole.
We are one.

Just like the ubiquitous, silk-like web of our fabulous fascia…


A beautiful relationship

Trees are so self-less aren’t they?

They take our waste breath…they suck it all up and then they release our life force in abundance! That seems a pretty self-less act from where I’m standing…

What a beautiful relationship that is?

Perhaps they feel equally as grateful to us for our carbon dioxide?!

Perhaps they do. Until we chop them down.

Until we clear whole swathes of them, to make space for houses and new shopping malls or for different kinds of trees that will be more ‘fruitful’ for us. Or simply so that we can put one inside our home and put fluffy decorations on it.

Trees need to be in the ground

Trees need to be in the ground to be alive and to so generously deliver their replenishing oxygen to us..

And we do it all the time – strip trees out of the ground because they’re ‘in the wrong place’.

“Oh, but we’ll plant some new ones when we landscape the surroundings of our new, multi-plex.”

Taming nature for our own purposes.

We’ve done it for hundreds of years. Does it make it right?

If we want the world to keep providing for us, aren’t we going to have to curb our behaviour?

Aren’t we going to have to change our we treat our environment? Aren’t we going to have to compromise on what we ‘want’ (more hotels and built-up areas and more and more and more convenience items?) and consider what we really want – do we want a planet that is vital and thriving?

We’re going to have to vote with our feet and only purchase items which meet our ecological demands, and we’re going to have to exercise our voices – for proactive change.

We might not feel that we want to cause a stir…but unless each one of us makes a fuss and speaks their truth in order to help save our planet and ultimately our livelihoods, the current path to widescale destruction will just keep on being beaten.

And the trees on said path will keep on being swept away as if they have no input whatsoever in this beautiful relationship…


What is epigenetics?

What is epigenetics?

Epigenetics is when we nourish ourselves with whole array of colourful, nutrient rich foods vital for life, that health cannot help but flourish…


It’s when what we feed ourselves is so stripped of nutrients, so depleted of real and living food, so scant in wholesome, hearty goodness; so processed, synthetic, so…artificial, that it starves our cells – ourselves! – of their base building blocks…this will lead to epigenetic expression.

What is epigenetics?

When our nutrition is plentiful, balanced, considered, cell-supportive fuel, that our cells respond by thriving…


It’s when what we call nutrition has become so restricted, limited, unvaried and acidic…when everything is sprinkled with the sweet stuff, that the function of our cells becomes corrupted….this is epigenetics at work.

What is epigenetics?

When the cells of our organs in the systems of our body exist in harmony such that their activity vibrates at a frequency for nourishing life. Ruddy, hearty healthful life…


When our cells slowly, slowly, slowly are no longer able do their job as they used to, and when whole collectives of cells in ourselves start to show this corrupted, or destructive, or altered behaviour…and we start to feel ‘off’, malaise, mal-at-ease…when we start to show dis-ease, or disease, this is epigenetics.

Epigenetics is when the choices that we make, changes how well our body works – on a genetic level.

Epigenetics is when our repeated behaviours alter the expression of our genetic material.

Epigenetics is the potential that our genes have to express health (or possibly, lack thereof).

Epigenetics suggests that our genetics – and therefore our health – are not a blueprint that is set in stone. But rather, that our genetic expression is determined by the things that we do… The choices that we make about how we nourish ourselves – what we eat, what we listen to, what we watch, what we think, and what we believe to be true** – will determine the fate of our cells.

‘Epi’ meaning ‘beyond’.

What we do, how we do it, and what we perceive and believe to be true about what we do and how we live, about what we’re destined for in the future history of our health – these things change the way our cells, ourselves (our bodies!), operate and function. They change our health.

(Positively, not just negatively!)

And this is epigenetics in operation in our insides, and in our lives.

** Yes, even all those things – visuals, thoughts…our beliefs, will influence the expression of health in ourselves.


Summer sea mist

Summer sea mist* shrouding everyone and everything in a soft, sheer stillness; a cool calm resides all around.

Hues of yesterday’s golden sands merge seamlessly into swirling bluey-greys of sea , or is it sky…?

Seagulls silently appear overhead, then equally swiftly become enveloped again by the rolling haze ahead.

Slowly… insidiously…the heat of the rising sun peers though, daring gentle shadows to form.

And in another blink of the eyes, the summer sea mist retreats. Vibrancy returns as if life were just re-breathed into everything all of a sudden… edges reappear, colours sharpen, the deep green of pines clinging to cliff edges take shape once again.

The precious moments being wrapped up safe and close in the mist – by the mist – are over. The day has now begun anew after its damp, delayed start; life’s sounds reverberate as normal and clarity resumes all around.

A gentle summer haze remains for a spell…a reminder of nature’s endless capacity for change day by day, horn by hour, minute by minute.


*Strictly speaking of course, ‘mist’ arising from the sea is fog. It just that fog doesn’t have quite such a romantic ring to it… ; )


Proliferation and extinction

There’s a direct relationship between the rate at which the human species is proliferating, and the rate at which we’re forcing other species into extinction.