The Running Collection

Moving frees the energy

Worried about a problem? Then move. Dance, skip, jump up and down; just move

Stuck in a rut? Get up, get outside and go for a run…and move!

Moving frees the energy. And when the energy is free, it can no longer stick…and the ‘problem’ will shift.

But we have to engage the whole body in the experience to benefit from the effects – all of the senses must be available to fully experience the motion. So, ditch the headphones and any other distractions…

When you allow the entire system to be engaged, and when you’re open to realising the shift in energy, not only will the problem disappear…but the solution will materialise as well.

But we have to be fully connected to perceive and receive it.


A personal achievement

Everyone who sticks with running has a story of personal achievement that’s associated with it…everyone.

There are the more obvious ones – to lose some weight or to get fitter. And then there are the more subtle ones – to gain confidence, to become stronger mentally, to take something and call it our own – our own achievements, our own empowerment.

I believe that vast swathes of people have come to running, because we’re actually looking to heal from our past wounds.

It sounds like a paradigm shift, but I’ve long talked about running as a physical aid to healing aspects of ourselves, and this is because our emotional wounds get stored in the physical body. When we free the body and move it in different ways…those old wounds can no longer hold on in the same way.

When our pains and fears are mobilised, what will replace them – when we allow it – is healing and love. Healing being the opposite of pain, and love being the opposite of fear.

It’s only if we allow ourselves to move through our old pains, that we can enable the healing to occur. Running is a phenomenal conduit for allowing this because the very power of running is that it can do this without being the initial or even a conscious motivation for us picking up our pumps in the first instance.

It will just happen!

And this is why everyone who takes up running has their own story of achievement.

A bonus indeed…


Fully healing ourselves

Collectively, we’ve come to realise that there is a lot of healing to be done in the world. Namely in our brutal, deliberate destruction of the planet.

And yet, the only way in which we will fully heal the world, is if we actively allow ourselves to fully heal ourselves first.

This may sound ambiguous but it’s the case that when we heal ourselves, we will see the world’s issues dissipate, resolve and evaporate accordingly. Because the collective is, after all, simply a number of individuals all bundled up together, isn’t it?

When we’re individually motivated by different focusses – invoking the wholeness of our personal power and our innate health (something that our running facilitates like a dream!), directing our actions consciously and with wide-awake love-oriented awareness – so will the wider populous; the global populous…

It’s not to say that the whole world has to start running to activate the depths of our personal power!

But it nearly has, hasn’t it!?!

Running, hey, more than just Strava updates!? ; )


Turning pain into joy

Once, on one of my workshops, a lady broke down in tears half-way through the day, and for me, it was a pivotal moment.

(And not because she’d taken any kind of injury from the exercises…on the contrary, in fact.)

What I saw was a lady in pain – reliving her oldest of old wounds – as our explorations brought them flooding to the surface. And in that moment I realised quite how powerful running is as a tool to shift our old patterns, and to heal.

Deep emotion will stop us in our tracks. It will prevent us from being able to breathe effectively; the lungs, as a conduit for our breath, and our heart are intrinsically connected. If we’re carrying pain – old or new – in our heart and it’s brought to the surface (by moving differently), then this will challenge our breathing…then as we move this pain in its home, the heart, and bring it closer to the surface, we may choke up and break down, as this lady did.

By contrast, one other lady on the same course, found incredible depths of joy from the very same work… in moving her body in different ways, and by freeing herself from previous confines of ‘what was’, she mobilised oodles of fun and joy in her running.

It was a true pleasure to watch unfold – because this is what understanding our running in different ways can create!

And yet the first lady was the real star of the day for me…because she truly allowed her old, deep pain to surface – it is from there that the healing could occur.

Running is so very powerful because the extent of the physical exertion will always ask us to meet our underlying issues.

It’s why running injuries crop up so often! The ebook – The Road To Becoming A Better Runner: How To Change Injuries Into Your Best Running Champion – goes into this much, much more…

If we’re guided, and willing to open to new possibilities, then endless amounts of healing, not to mention joy, can unfold.

And healing our old wounds is what we’re all here to do. To turn pain into joy, fear into love, darkness into light.


Running, like yoga…

Running, like yoga, is available to everyone. And as with a yoga practice, realising the potential gains from our running requires patience, persistence and guidance.

And, just like yoga, running offers rewards far beyond the action of the ‘exercise’ and health benefits. Of course it provides these, but it also offers the opportunity to let go of old ideas about ourselves, to open to new possibilities and to realise a more connected and powerful version of ourselves.

Running, just like yoga, offers us the opportunity to be aware. At the heart of these common (albeit seemingly very different!) pursuits, they ask us to be present.


Running with presence

Awareness, presence – interchangeable words, although subtly, I believe they have a different quality.

Awareness is about noticing…whether actively with or without direction, to bring your attention to something in order to notice what’s occurring.

Presence is about staying connected with attention…for the purpose of being connected to, and holding one’s attention.

Awareness is a precursor to presence.

One flits in and out of presence when showing awareness. One is wholly aware when present.

Awareness goes like this – we bring our attention to something. Then very next moment, we’re thinking about our running shoes, or wondering what the time is, or thinking about needing a drink, or…any one of the umpteen things that the endless chat in our head decides to take our attention instead!

And all thoughts – that chat in the head – are seated in the past. What happened last time I did this, what didn’t happen, what I did, what I didn’t do…what I could have said, what they ‘should have’ remembered…

All of them! All of our thoughts are seated in the past – even when we’re worrying about the future! Future worry thoughts are based in respect to what we’re attached to from past experiences.

The past is our benchmark for what is right now. The only thing is, the past no longer exists! Only in our head!!!

The only time we have is right now. Right now.

When we’re being aware – when we’re noticing – we flit in to the right now…but we easily flit right back out of it as well! (As soon as we start judging the noticing, we’re out of it! Judging shifts us right back into the past – at least, comparing something to the past…)

When we’re being present – we’re achieving just that and staying in the right now.