The World of Opportunity

The world has not been one of equal opportunity. We all know this, but we’ve allowed ourselves to be sufficiently blinkered to the stark evidence of this as we’ve been merrying away in the space of the ‘haves’.

But now, and from the separate comfort of the cushion of our luxurious homes, we can see that the social injustices in the world are being reflected back to us – up close and personal, you might say…even with social distancing in place.

And it’s not so comfortable.

And yet there’s a world of opportunity for each of us now and after this episode to stand up for what we ‘actually’ want to see unfold from here on out.

But it will take each of us to step into that uncomfortable space (that probably lies just outside of the cushion of the happy & familiar zone), and to reach beyond our previously perceived capabilities of ourselves. And to stand up for a greater version of what we believe to be compassionate, ethically-guided ‘right action’.

The world of opportunity is asking us to answer our own ‘call to adventure’, as Joseph Campbell would call this phase in ‘the hero’s journey’. To hear the call in response to what this unique global experience is here to show to us – to properly open our eyes, and to critically ask – is this the way in which I actually wish the world to work?

How good does it feel to see and feel, this level of social imbalance, social injustice.

When those who live from hand to mouth, no longer have the means to continue this. No jobs, no means of supporting themselves and no social support structures in place to provide solace (and the fundamental basics for living.)

When we can no longer ignore what is rising to the surface in swathes, when we can no longer bear the pain of the world that we’ve been partisan in creating…only then will we be prepared to stand up and ‘do’ something about it.

And it’s looking pretty painful out there. And there’s an equivalent world of opportunity to change it too.


Photo by Brett Zeck