There is no away

‘There is no away.’ It’s a phrase that’s rattled around my head for the last few months.

Not least, every time I’ve opened the bin to throw something ‘away’.

There is now away.

Where we throw our rubbish is not away, it’s just somewhere else. And I don’t know about you, but it’s taken a while for me to become truly conscious of this.

Nature’s rubbish bin

All of it goes somewhere. All of it needs to be processed, and if not by someone else, then by Mother Nature.

In fact, ultimately by Mother Nature. All of it, in every instance. It seems that despite her endless resolve, she is getting tired. She can’t keep up with the onslaught.

We need to lighten that onslaught at source.

We all know this

We all know this.

We’re all realising this, now – and yet it’s still a hard-hitting line. I read it somewhere and it stuck. It needed to stick. It needs to stick in the forefront of everyone’s minds so that we can work out alternative ways in which to resourcefully live waste-free lives…and so that it doesn’t just end up as a meme on our scroll.

There is no away as a reminder every-single-time that what we’re disposing of is adding to the mountains and mountains of waste. A reminder that each of us needs to take responsibility.

And now.

Each of us needs to play our part purposefully now.

We’ve allowed ourselves to be conditioned to believing in a yarn…blasé in the idea that we can just ‘throw is away’…

The greatest gift they’ll get this year…

Perhaps playing our part means changing our personal practices – making different choices. Voting with our feet, and boycotting the supply chain. Perhaps we’ll be called to use our voice to lobby. Individual voices collectively demanding change…? (More on the impact of this here – Individual or collective?)

Asking ourselves where we can take more responsibility is the greatest gift we can give to all of us this Christmastime…

Season’s greetings

It’s perhaps not the happy smiley, hohoho of a Santa’s note that you might have expected from a Christmas message. But in my heart of hearts I feel that the only way to ensure that we have a happy, smiley, healthy and green future is to take this message, powerfully, and to act with relentless intent into 2019.

Any other message during this season of natural endings and new beginnings seems vacuous and futile.

And in truth, I’m not sure how I’m going to source my frozen peas in something that isn’t non-degradable plastic, or how I’m going to persuade the 4 million in the developing city in which I live to give up plastic bags….but I’m going to try.

What’s more, I’m going to further commit to choosing only sustainable practices in our home and in our lives. Every single time.

Changing our model, once again, where we can, and updating the concepts that we’ve fooled ourselves into believing are not our responsibility. To having the constant reminder that there is no away.

To start to demand drastic change.

Because drastic change is required.

Happy holidays

Have a very healthy, sustainable and waste-free Christmas. Give consciously, and love thy neighbour carelessly…

Here’s to making 2019 a bright green and rosy-looking one!