There’s always a pause

There’s always a pause before all of the important things. Have you noticed?

Or at least there could be…

A pause between courses during dinner. A pause at the end of an inhalation…and at the end of an exhalation. A pause between kisses and there ought definitely be a pause before you say, ‘yes, I do’!

And on a slightly less romantic note, let there be a pause between your warm up and the start of your race.

All of the other pauses are there to savour the moment, the experience, the flavours, the tastes, the deliciousness…(or to keep your ‘someone’ on their toes! ; )

But the pause after you’ve warmed up is there to allow your body to assimilate that it’s ready, and to allow your brain to assimilate what it’s going to do.

I’m such a big fan of *not* calling the first kilometer of your race, your warm up! Warm up beforehand…(and for so many run-enhancing reasons!) Check out Point 6 in ana fizz’d! for more about why…

And if you do warm up then take that moment before the gun goes, if only because of the benefit that you gain from having that pause! That little stop in your running where you can adjust what you need to adjust, where you can allow the racing of heart and the depth of your breath to register in your body, and stop the motion that is running, just for a moment and check back in with yourself with an acknowledgement of, ‘Ok, we’re on; we’re doing this!’

Giving yourself the opportunity of the pause, no matter what the situation, is a game-changer…